Here Are Some Low-Budget Custom Pens For Promotions

Aug 03, 2020 08:00

Nowadays, most of the companies look for a way to promote their brand names. They offer promotional gifts to their employees and customers. However, start-ups and small businesses think that it will be costly for them to buy a large of gift items and customize them. The smartest solution for them is to invest in custom pens. Although pens are low-priced products, they are valuable to every person.

The best fact is that most of the recipients of your promotional pens will not throw away as garbage. They will use your pens for several years, and thus, the embedded brand name will be noticeable to them for longer period.

Choose promotional pens of the best materials-

The cheapest option for you is to purchase plastic pens. These easily customizable pens are available at a lower price rate. However, some manufacturers design brass and metal trimmed pens available at slightly higher cost. What’s more, you can notice a unique matte finish in these pens.

Another choice for you is the custom wooden pen with some metal accents. These classic pens will be the most appreciating gifts for your customers and employees. A smooth wooden structure with your brand name engraved on it can give much value to the user. Besides, personalized wooden pens reflect a natural beauty, and these biodegradable materials will not pollute the environment. When you have arranged a promotional campaign with a green theme, you can choose these wooden pens as the most considerate gifts.

Corporate Pens

Find your promotional pens of any style-

Click function pens-

Syringe pens or click function pens have special clicking mechanism at their ending part. As you have clicked on this part, the interior spring pulls the pen’s tip. You can find these click pens in a range of versions, including rollerball, ballpoint, and gel.

Twist pens-

These are most commonly chosen promo pens that ensure smooth writing. You need to twist a part of the barrel of the pen to control the tip. You can imprint your brand name on these pens and choose them as the best promotional gifts.

Pull-cap pens-

Pull-cap pens have removable caps, and you have to pull off these caps to write something with those pens. When you are not using the pen, you can put back the cap to prevent unintentional marking on any item. Buy these pull-cap pens as promotional corporate pens and please your customers with these valuable gifts.

A little about pen materials

Branded pends come in different materials and the cost also depends on the material of the pen. Above we have mentioned some designs which bring a change in the cost. Now, the materials vary from low-cost plastic pens to high quality metal pens. The cost also goes up accordingly. In between, you can explore a variety of pens made of plastic or fibre in different budget range. A few other types include transparent pens, silicon pens, pens filled with gel or fluid which are specially chosen for corporate branding.

On the higher side, metallic pens engraved with company’s name or signature is chosen as elite corporate pen. They also come in set of two with a box wrapped in the gifting style. However, such pens fall on the costlier side and you can choose them to present to your esteemed clients or high-profile guests.

Promo Pens

When to use pens for corporate gifting?

There are a number of occasions when you can plan to distribute pen as a gift for your employees. Smart marketers and advertisers even plan ahead and stock enough pens for sudden or occasional use when needed. In corporate organizations, small or big, occasions keep on coming up when you feel like gifting or rewarding the employees with some small goodie. The branded pens are the best fit for all such occasions. Other opportunities to do some internal branding include annual gift hamper, weekend fun events, kids day, family day, brain storming sessions, and other awards for the recognition of the employees who contribute extra.

For all such needs, you can find several other varieties of pens as promotional corporate items. Gel pens with water-based ink can be a very popular choice. Ballpoint pens with oil-based ink rely on a rolling mechanism to dispense the ink. As you choose these custom branded pens for promotional purpose, you can make a pack of 2 or more pens with ink of different colors.

Overall, we can say that businesses of any niche can choose these pens for promotional campaign. During any corporate event, they can offer their pens to their customers, business associates, and employees.

Where can you buy cheap corporate pens?

Well, online portals are the best place to explore plethora of such pens in various designs and budgets. You can easily compare the features and cost and place order in bulk to get the best deals as well. Just plan ahead so that you get enough time to get the pens customized and use it on the right occasions.

Find a huge collection of branded corporate pens and buy now at the best rates.


Author : Amit Ghia

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