History Of The Evolution Of Apron Designs

Jun 24, 2021 08:00

Everything we are using today has a history. The history of its origin and evolution. There are many products of our day-to-day life we never think of in depth, but if we try to discover, we might come with some interesting information that can amaze us. One of such products is the apron widely used across a number of industries and occupations. They are even used at home and schools for specific purposes. Let’s get to know more about this product and its history.

The term, apron represents hospitality. You may have found your grandmother wearing aprons while baking your favourite apple pies. However, an apron is now one of the uniforms at different workplaces. Throughout the past years, this piece of garment has served several purposes. Apart from its high utility feature, is widespread use has brought it in the list of advertisement tools and many businesses are investing good amount of money on their procurement and customization. In the recent years, aprons have become one of the best promotional products Australia.

In the past centuries, aprons had been used for several ceremonial, decorative, and practical reasons. We will know the history of these aprons and the evolution of their designs and patterns.

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Origin of aprons

An apron refers to a garment that you like to tie at your waist or across the neck to protect your clothing. The word apron originates from the French term, naperon, which signifies small tablecloth. The mispronunciation of the French word resulted in the formation of the term, apron.

Throughout the past ages, we used to wear aprons as rituals and as parts of our uniforms. The fashionable aprons are made of linen, cotton, leather, rubber, and some other fabrics. In fact, aprons have become an acceptable garment to different cultures.

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Apron design and a brief history-

Workers, housewives, maids, and several other users have chosen to wear aprons for different purposes. To serve customers’ needs, designers have designed aprons of multiple types, ranging from bib aprons to tabards. Housewives have taken the apron designing to new levels with choices that has led to the emergence of more stylish and colourful aprons in different fittings to meet the taste of its varying customers. What remains intact at the core is its fabric quality which must be of high quality to ensure protection. Here are a few apron designs that gradually emerged to cater to specific needs.

Bib Apron-

The Bib Apron is a full-length piece that can reach up to the knees. You can tie it at your waist and slip it over your neck.

Since the decade of 1880s, this full coverage apron design has become an attractive choice for several professionals.During the 1960s, it became popular among women who used to wear it for their domestic needs.

Half Apron-

It is a conventional-style kitchen apron tied at the waist. It can reach your mid-thigh portion. In the past years, housewives and maids used to prefer this apron design. But, now, half apron is the best choice for workers in restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Tabard Apron-

Tabard aprons have become popular during the Middle Ages. They cover both the back and front side of your body. Tied with the waist straps, they have a special design for covering your upper body part. Originally, knights, monks, and peasants wore these aprons. Presently, you can choose this apron design for your retail workers, nurses, and bakers. You may prefer this style to buy custom aprons cheap

Decline and revival of the use of aprons-

Around 1960s, aprons started losing their popularity. Women at that time hated the concept of housewife. They tried to go out of their homes for self-satisfaction. That is why aprons became old-fashioned garments. Their use in households began to reduce, however, people were discovering their use across various other occupations. They gained popularity at the workplace. Professionals like chefs, barbers, beauticians, hotel staffs, room service staffs and butchers starting wearing aprons.

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Cultural influences in the present years have caused aprons to restore their values. Gradually they became product of promotion and different businesses started looking at them as a corporate product to be used as a free giveaway.

These days, aprons not only ensure safety of the users, but they are also worn to represent uniformity among the employees, a sense of belonging for the organization and a common thread that binds everyone together serving any organization.

Several companies are going with customized aprons with logo Australia. They are customized using various techniques like screen printing or embroidery work. Such aprons are offered to the employees and staffs at the beginning of a new financial year or at their joining.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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