History Of The Evolution Of Apron Designs In Australia

Nov 01, 2022 08:00

Everything we are using today has a history. The history of its origin and evolution. There are many products of our day-to-day life we never think of in depth, but if we try to discover, we might come with some interesting information that can amaze us. One of such products is the apron widely used across a number of industries and occupations. They are even used at home and schools for specific purposes. Let’s get to know more about this product and its history.

The term, apron represents hospitality. You may have found your grandmother wearing aprons while baking your favourite apple pies. However, an apron is now one of the uniforms at different workplaces. Throughout the past years, this piece of garment has served several purposes. Apart from its high utility feature, is widespread use has brought it in the list of advertisement tools and many businesses are investing good amount of money on their procurement and customization. In the recent years, aprons have become one of the best promotional products Australia.

In the past centuries, aprons had been used for several ceremonial, decorative, and practical reasons. We will know the history of these aprons and the evolution of their designs and patterns.

Topics that are covered in this article are

  • Origin Of Aprons
  • Apron Design And A Brief History
  • Decline And Revival Of The Use Of Aprons
  • Professionals Who Wear Aprons
  • More Types Of Aprons With Unique Designs
  • Trending Types Of Customization In Branded Aprons
  • Conclusion

Origin Of Aprons

An apron refers to a garment that you like to tie at your waist or across the neck to protect your clothing. The word apron originates from the French term, naperon, which signifies small tablecloth. The mispronunciation of the French word resulted in the formation of the term, apron.

Throughout the past ages, we used to wear aprons as rituals and as parts of our uniforms. The fashionable aprons are made of linen, cotton, leather, rubber, and some other fabrics. In fact, aprons have become an acceptable garment to different cultures.

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Apron Design And A Brief History

Workers, housewives, maids, and several other users have chosen to wear aprons for different purposes. To serve customers’ needs, designers have designed aprons of multiple types, ranging from bib aprons to tabards. Housewives have taken the apron designing to new levels with choices that has led to the emergence of more stylish and colourful aprons in different fittings to meet the taste of its varying customers. What remains intact at the core is its fabric quality which must be of high quality to ensure protection. Here are a few apron designs that gradually emerged to cater to specific needs.

Bib Apron



The Bib Apron is a full-length piece that can reach up to the knees. You can tie it at your waist and slip it over your neck.

Since the decade of 1880s, this full coverage apron design has become an attractive choice for several professionals. During the 1960s, it became popular among women who used to wear it for their domestic needs.

Half Apron

It is a conventional-style kitchen apron tied at the waist. It can reach your mid-thigh portion. In the past years, housewives and maids used to prefer this apron design. But, now, half apron is the best choice for workers in restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Tabard Apron

Tabard aprons have become popular during the Middle Ages. They cover both the back and front side of your body. Tied with the waist straps, they have a special design for covering your upper body part. Originally, knights, monks, and peasants wore these aprons. Presently, you can choose this apron design for your retail workers, nurses, and bakers. You may prefer this style to buy custom aprons cheap.

Many aprons having the same style, design and purpose are renamed differently in the modern world. A few other apron name you may come across are listed below:

4-way apron 

Chefs and other professionals use this apron, as it is easy to wear around the waist. You can buy bulk waist aprons online at an affordable rate.

Bistro apron 

It does not ensure high level of protection and include small pockets to hold small items. They offer convenience while being at work. 

Cobbler apron 

You can choose it to protect only the upper part of the body. However, it covers both the rear and front sides of your body.

Full bib 

You have to tie it around your backside to cover the chest portion.

Decline And Revival Of The Use Of Aprons



Around 1960s, aprons started losing their popularity. Women at that time hated the concept of housewife. They tried to go out of their homes for self-satisfaction. That is why aprons became old-fashioned garments. Their use in households began to reduce, however, people were discovering their use across various other occupations. They gained popularity at the workplace. Professionals like chefs, barbers, beauticians, hotel staffs, room service staffs and butchers starting wearing aprons.

Cultural influences in the present years have caused aprons to restore their values. Gradually they became product of promotion and different businesses started looking at them as a corporate product to be used as a free giveaway.

These days, aprons not only ensure safety of the users, but they are also worn to represent uniformity among the employees, a sense of belonging for the organization and a common thread that binds everyone together serving any organization.

Several companies are going with customized aprons with logo Australia. They are customized using various techniques like screen printing or embroidery work. Such aprons are offered to the employees and staffs at the beginning of a new financial year or at their joining.

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What fabric are aprons made of?

Muslin and cotton are the most commonly chosen fabrics for designing aprons. However, as they cannot resist water, they limit the use of aprons. You can also find aprons made from linen and denim.

Why do people wear aprons?

There are different reasons for wearing aprons. However, the major purpose is to prevent stains and dirt from affecting your garment. In some industries, wearing an apron creates a professional look.

Which Professionals Need To Wear Which Aprons? 

Let’s get to know aprons for different professions and the suitable fabric for them.


Aprons for doctors and surgeons are mostly white, and they look like long coats. Linen and cotton are most common fabrics used for their aprons.




Almost every waitress wear aprons as the dress code. Aprons for cocktail waitresses have to cover the hips. These waitresses have concerns about the risk of stains from spillage of liquor. Thus, you have to buy aprons made of stain-resistant fabrics, like denim, cotton, and linen.




The cotton fabric of a chef’s apron weighs around 240 grams. It also offers the ultimate protection against stains and spills. You may also choose aprons with a blend of polyester cotton. However, cotton is preferred as it is safe from fire and also allow easy breathing of the fabric. 

To ensure comfort, you can invest in the cotton ones. Moreover, you have to check the strength of the fabric that makes the apron highly durable. The best aprons have reinforced seams that protect the fabric from tears and splits.

You must not buy leather aprons for chefs, as they prevent smooth movement. Moreover, it is not easy to customise leather. You can look for apron fabrics that let you print your brand name. Find the best companies for high quality apron printing Melbourne.


Hairdressers in barbershop and salons need to wear aprons. An apron prevents their personal clothes from getting covered by others’ hairs.

More types of aprons with unique designs

You might like to consider these designs if you are planning to invest in aprons for your employees. So, explore these apron styles before placing any bulk order of aprons for your employees.

Pinafore Aprons

While wearing the pinafore apron, you have to tie it in your back near the waist. It mostly covers the lower part of the body and is specific to particular usage. Since it remains pinned to your dress, it is known as the pinafore aprons.

Sweetheart apron

Short styling and sweetheart neckline are the major characteristics of the apron. During 1940s to 50s, these sweetheart aprons were highly popular. Due to the flattering design, several women liked this apron design. Even today these aprons are searched online for personal usage by women at home. It might not be suitable for professional usage, however, companies are not avoiding getting innovative these days.

Ruffled Aprons

Aprons with ruffles have become outdated. However, they can create a fashion statement for women. The ruffles make the style more feminine. For theme-based get togethers, people order such aprons in bulk for fun. They can also be personalized the way you want and manufacturers can design them in different sizes if needed.

Handkerchief Aprons

The corners of hems face down, and thus, the handkerchief apron looks different from other aprons. It creates an angle to look like handkerchief. Isn’t that interesting? You can order these aprons in different attractive colours with contrast colour choice also. However, you must coordinate with the designer, supplier or the manufacturer of the aprons to get your choice of apron designed.

Half Aprons

In these aprons, sewers like to display their handworks with prints. Half aprons are their masterpieces. Fancy stitching, fun prints, and useful pouches are the major traits of the half aprons. But, these aprons do not ensure proper protection to your garments. Thus, when you buy apron Sydney, you can look for other alternatives. If you want an apron just to show off as a piece of stylish outfit, then go for it.

Cobbler Aprons

During the medieval days, knights used to prefer this design. The front side has a rectangular design. There are closures at two sides for proper fitting. The neck hole makes it easy to wear the apron. Manufacturers use heavier materials to design the apron.

4-way aprons

It is the waist apron, which has four layers. This apron is perfect for employees working in the hospitality sector. While buying cheap or unusual promotional gifts, you can choose these 4-way aprons for your staff. Chefs and other employees in your restaurant may also wear these cost-effective aprons.

Server aprons



Server aprons do not cover the upper part of your body. The overall length is short, and your staff will feel comfortable to wear the server apron. This apron style includes side pockets to carry pens, notebooks, and straws.

It is the best apron design for waiters in the restaurant. For the chef apron custom embroidery, you can choose a different style. To keep the server apron in original condition, you have to clean it in cold water.

Dishwasher aprons 

Your restaurant workers need to deal with the messy task of cleaning several dishes every day. Without aprons, their dresses can become wet and dirty. To prevent the buildups of stubborn dirt, you can invest in these dishwasher aprons. Dishwasher aprons are made of cut-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, and fire-resistant materials.

Where to get aprons?

You can buy aprons from the most reliable online store. You will find a large number of apron designs and customization options. For instance, you can print your company’s name while buying aprons for your workers.

Trending Types of Customization in Branded Aprons

An apron is not simply a protective garment to prevent stains and dirt on your clothing. It is used for many other purposes as well. Nowadays, some businesses have chosen aprons as a part of the uniform. A perfectly designed apron can reflect elegance and professionalism. Still, it needs a touch of personalisation to make the apron look unique. Moreover, its customization also brings a uniformity among the staffs and employees using it along with easy recognition. Most aprons have gender-neutral designs, and thus, both men and women can wear them. Also, the ways they can be personalized also remains the same for all. There are lots of ways of customising an apron available in vivid colors. You can buy personalised apron for your office staffs, business staffs and others from any reputed supplier of custom aprons in Australia.

Let us now introduce you to the trending ways of customising your aprons for business purposes and personal needs.

Personalise your apron with paint



Depending on your apron fabrics, you can apply acrylic paint for personalisation of the clothing. When it is for personal purpose, you can paint someone’s face with this technique. However, to customise the apron for your employees, you can paint the logo of your business. The best paint does not fade away in spite washing the apron regularly. It is easy to depict your logo by choosing the right paint colors. For bulk apron printing, the experts use screen printing method that ensures that all the aprons have same kind and size of print that is good in quality.

Add a name tag to your apron

Perhaps, you love minimalism while customising your apron. You can prefer this type of customisation, as you need to add only a small name tag. The tag may display the name of the apron wearer or your brand name. You can stitch the tag to the upper part of the apron. It is also better to choose the front pocket to place the tag. Without making everything messy, you can personalise the apron. However, you need to pinch a hole to attach the tag. At a reasonable rate, you will find aprons wholesale personalised package.

Use embroidery for apron personalisation



Embroidery designs always make a piece of clothing more attractive. You may also choose embroidery works to customise the apron for your business purpose. With embroidery threads, designers create your brand logo and name. The best fact is that the embroidered design will last long in spite of the regular use of the apron. Mostly, jobs in hospitality industry, salons and spa, hair dresses, massage parlours etc prefer beautifully embroidered aprons. However, this technique of customization is not industry dependent and is suitable for any industry type.

As you are using custom aprons to market your brand, these embroidered designs will add value to your promotional efforts. Your brand name will remain intact for several years, and wearers will feel thankful to you.

Choose a strap that reflects your brand color

Branding is the major goal for apron customisation. Thus, you need to focus on every part of the apron to promote your business. For instance, you can find aprons with a standard look and design. However, there are apron straps of a variety of colors. Some of us choose leather straps, while others like to have cotton straps with herringbone designs. The choice of straps can transform the overall look of the apron.

Aprons with fabric patchwork



People look for design and variety in everything and a desire to be different from others is not something unusual. That is why, while choosing the best aprons for employees, clients, visitors, staffs or others people wish to have a design that is unique and different in the crowed. While logo printed and embroidered aprons are too common to find, the new variety includes the aprons with patchwork which is done with quality fabric. Usually, a contrast color fabric is chosen, cut or folded and patched on the apron near the pockets or on the bottom right corner. A resemblance with the logo of a company is usually preferred for patchwork. It really gives a very descent and different look to the apron.

No idea of customizing a promotional apron?

You might be planning for an apron for the first time for your employees. A little confusion about the choice of color and its customization technique is obvious. No worries! The online sellers of aprons can not only offer you plenty of design options, but can also help you come out with the best way of personalizing it. 

Where to buy aprons?

Aprons are not only needed for the safety of your employees, but also to establish uniformity among your staff and colleagues. So, always try to buy aprons from established suppliers who can all offer you customization services. At Promotions247, we have been delivering aprons for different industry verticals ensuring quality of the aprons, free personalization, and on-time safe delivery. All at the best rates! Discover our range of apron collection and place an order now!  


Aprons made of nylon, cotton, and other comfortable fabrics have become highly popular among consumers. As they are available in a range of styles, you can easily find one that serves your purposes. Although white aprons are a common choice, there are printed and colourful designs available in the market.


Author : Amit Ghia

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