How Are Engraved Pens Different From Other Promotional Pens?

Dec 19, 2019 08:00

Undoubtedly there are some daily use items that have the capability to change the business scenario. One of such items is pens which are not only highly useful but also highly affordable. They are the most impactful and powerful tools of marketing making their place among all. Pen is one such item that finds it usage anywhere be it school, home, office or may be business meetings. Despite the technological advancement taking place, pens have managed to stay strong and are still preferred by various people as an advertising tool.

What are engraved pens?

Engraved pens Australia are the pens which can be used as corporate gifts.  Engraved means they are carved with a particular design or text that remains on the pens for always. They can be given to potential clients, staff or any of your business associate. This engraved pen acts as token of thanks, gift, or other emotions to tie a person to the product and is a perfect way to make them happy. Name, company logo or signature can be engraved on pens. Engraving can be done in various fonts, upper and lowercase letters.

Custom Engraved Metal Pens

The pen engraving process

The pen engraving process involves cutting the surface of the pen. Earlier there used to be manual process to do it, but now engraving is done with the use of laser that gives fine finish and beautiful look. The results vary depending upon the material of the pen. The result for a metal barrel pen will be different from that of a steel pen. The difference lies in the color that shows after engraving. For engraving metal barrel pens are preferred the most because engraving is permanent on it, easy to do and looks very effective. However, with latest technologies, even plastic pens are engraved with company’s logo or name to use them as a branding tool.

In engraving process, the ink is not directly applied on the surface. In this the process, the beam of light from a lens equipped with laser is made to fall on pen to make precise design. The resultant surface will have the permanent design of your company name and logo on the pen. The best thing about engraved pens Australia is that it will not be deteriorated with time. Also as no ink is used so the color will not change.

Engraving is not only limited to just pens. Any item can be engraved as per choice.

Difference between engraved and printed pens

Today marketing plays an important role in the growth of business.  Both personalized pens and custom engraved metal pens are popular to be presented as corporate gifts. Both these pens have name, logo and message from company. They come in different colors, fonts and styles.

You can get your company name and logo on pen in two ways either through imprinting or engraving. Imprinting also called screen printing or silk printing involves use of stencil and ink and is directly transferred to the pen’s body. This is flexible and low-priced way of customizing a pen. This type of printing can be done on various types of surfaces and colors. It finds maximum use on non-flat items. Whereas, engraving means carving or cutting the surface of a product in a definite pattern which reflects in the same color to that of the body of the product.

Why do engraved pens look classy?

Engraved pens usually look classy than any other types of customized pens. This is because unlike in personalized pens, these pens do not use any ink. The ink usually fades away with the passage of item. But the shine of custom engraved metal pens remains the same. The second reason is that since only laser light is used in engraving process, the resultant color does not change. In case of printed pens the ink is used, this usually changes the resultant surface color.

Engraved Pens Australia

Use the power of engraved pens

Pens are powerful with their own inherent property when used properly. Even if we don’t go within the derived benefits of the pens, a simple superficial look of the pen can also turn out to be powerful if used wisely. Especially, engraved pens which look so classy can be used as a promotional corporate gift to extend the reach of a brand among people. Though, everyone is just the right candidate to receive engraved metal pens, you can use them specifically on the below occasions as an advertising tool.

  • Wow your clients: Right choice of pen, well-packed in a case and wrapped like a gift box has a decency of its own. Such pens are taken out for special purposes and used with a sense of pride. Remain assured that you would be remembered always if you present such a pen to your client. Every time someone uses it, what will come in the mind is your brand name.
  • Delight your employees: Choose a sober metallic pen, get it engraved in a stylish way and present to your employees on days like company’s foundation day, annual day or any other specific day of importance. Wherever your employees will you, your brand name will be carried. Even if they leave your company, the reach of your company would not stop. Get them engraved and keep some stock to be used at other functions as well which come unannounced.
  • Distribute to the masses: You can go with a low-budget, yet good quality engraved pen and distribute to people on advertising campaigns. Any outdoor activity like a fun game, some kind of competition etc can be done with a pen as a concluding gift to create your brand’s space among new people. In any campaign among students, it can be just the best item for promoting a brand.

Make sure to buy quality engraved pens Australia from a reliable supplier and get them delivered at your doorstep on time. A planned advertising and branding approach with good quality engraved metal pens can help you reap good results and get efficient business outcomes in a very cost effective way.

Author : Amit Ghia

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