How Different Sizes Of Insulated Cooler Bags Are Helpful

Apr 06, 2020 08:00

Insulation remains a wonderful idea that helps preserve food value and the quality of nutrition in modern lifestyles. In this context, insulated cooler bags offer fantastic possibilities in terms of commerce, individual food choices, and personal convenience. More and more consumers have realized the benefits of insulated cooler bags, and the market for such bags has registered heavy growth in terms of products sold and product diversity. Different sizes of cooler bags are now associated with various use cases, such as picnics, excursions, schools, work places, restaurants, food delivery services, etc. Owing to its usage in every type of industry and among every type of consumers, it has also gained the attention of marketing managers, business owners, corporate houses, and branding agents to be used as a promotional product. Insulated cooler bags, Australia came in huge demand due to this and you would find a number of suppliers selling such bags across Syndey, Brisbane, Melbourne, and other parts of Australia. 

The size of the bag plays an important part in its application. For varying users the size of the bag varies. Their usage as per the sizes is mentioned below. 

Small Size Cooler Bags for Schools

Young generation attending schools and colleges can carry their lunch in the small insulated bag. Such bags represent an upgrade from the average lunch pack because they help maintain the temperature of foods. For instance, students that carry a cold salad for lunch can expect the product to retain its taste and texture, owing to insulation technologies engineered into the cooler bag. This is useful because it helps preserve the integrity of food for a few hours till lunchtime. Additionally, the parents of young citizens can rest easy secure in the knowledge their wards have access to quality nutrition away from home. 

Insulated Cooler Bags Wholesale

Cooler Bags at home: Various Sizes

Home makers and senior citizens can benefit from a regular use of insulated cooler bags Australia. Such bags, when used in domestic households, help family members gain the benefit of nutrition from a hot meal, irrespective of time. Cooler bags can help preserve various forms of hot and cold soups, salads, sandwiches, pies, in addition to the many forms and variations of Western and Eastern cuisine. The use of insulated cooler bags also allows citizens to entertain friends, guests, and enjoy extended lunch hours or the occasional late dinner. You can have three or four difference sizes of such bags at home. They will ease your work on heavy days of parties and get together. You don’t need to prepare all the food and beverages just before the event, rather you can prepare them early on the day and preserve them well in the cooler bags to be used at the time of gathering. Believe it, they will remain fresh and tasty just like the fresh preparation. 

Medium size cooler bags for picnic

This is one of the most important reasons why everyone should have an insulated bag. You can’t resist going for picnics, trekking, and outdoor activities. Many times you select places which might not have any food joint, restaurant or food supply. In such cases, carrying a bag full of cold drinks, energy drinks, snacks, and sandwiches can come to your rescue. In picnics, especially, you would like to share your special dishes with your family and friends. At such times of fun and enjoyment, picnic cooler bags are really handy and never to miss item in your carriage.

Large Bags for Food Delivery

The business of delivering cooked food products and beverages to customers has expanded in recent times, offering citizens more choices to enjoy restaurant (or takeaway) food inside the comfort of their homes or in the workplace. Delivery personnel can make use of insulated cooler bags wholesale to preserve and deliver hot and cold foods at customer addresses. Large insulated cooler bags with in-built compartments are ideal for such delivery routines. These structured products allow service personnel to chart a delivery schedule without fear of food degrading with the passage of time. In doing so, large bags are helping to extend the restaurant industry, while reinforcing the modern concept of customer choice.

Insulated Cooler Bags Australia

Super Large Bags

Restaurant chains, takeaway operators, hotels, and specialty food caterers can deploy very large-sized promotional insulated cooler bags to reach customers at their home and work addresses. These bags can also find use as storage units for raw materials that must be preserved at specific temperatures. Such bags also allow professionals in the food preparation and delivery industry to develop routines for delivering large quantities of food at short notice. In addition, super large bag sizes allow them to source rare foods and condiments from distant locations as part efforts to expand the food delivery ecosystem. 

Which size cooler bag you should use for your brand promotion?

Well, it depends on two things. First of all, the type of business you are running or the type of recipients you need to cater. If you are a corporate organization, then simply presenting a small or medium size promotional insulated cooler bag is enough. It will be used by your employees for carrying their lunch or can be used at their homes. In other cases, as per your business type you can choose even small to big cooler bags. There are some cooler bags, especially designed to carry wine bottles. They also form a perfect type of promotional cooler bag. They gain attention, pleases the receiver, and attract eyeballs of everyone around the user. What else do you need? However, make sure to get your logo or company’s name printed on the bags to gain effective results. Proper customization can help you get the desired results on your investment.

At Promotions247, we have an assorted collection of promotional insulated bags which can be used by any company or organization as a gift for their guests or employees. We also offer customization on the bags to make it carry your brand name across places. We have helped a number of organizations till now in their marketing campaigns as a reliable supplier for cooler bags wholesale.


Author : Amit Ghia

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