How Do Rollerball Pens Differ From Ballpoint Pens

Mar 29, 2021 08:00

Modern digital technologies have reduced the paperwork for different purposes. Still, we cannot avoid the use of the most important writing tools, like pens. Interestingly, pens have retained their value as one of the best corporate gifts. Nowadays, several companies choose pens as one of the custom promotional products to attract customers and please their employees.

However, while searching for pens, you can find a range of styles. Pens are available in different names based on their styles, ink, and overall model. They have also undergone a lot of evolution over the time and most of the old-model ink pens have almost ceased to be used widely. One of the most important reasons for this is the innovation of ballpoint pens which revolutionized the world of pens. The most popular names in the world of pens are- ballpoint and rollerball. Interestingly, many people don’t know the difference between these two types of pens which are used so frequently.

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To buy pens in bulk, you have to know differences of these two models. Though the cost does not differ much, they make a difference in the quality of use. Especially, if you are buying them for corporate gifting, you must be aware of their use, difference in the quality of writing, the body material they are available in and the costing. So, let’s get to understand about these two types of pens today.

Get a concept of rollerball pens-

Invented by a Japanese company, Ohto, rollerball pens have ball-and-socket configurations similar to ballpoint pens. You may also find similarities in terms of the ease of use and internal mechanism. There is a reservoir holding the ink. When you hold the pen in an upright position, the ink will start moving down the ball, and thus, you get ink to write something on the paper.

The major parts of rollerball pens include an ink cartridge, a barrel, and a nib. You can find these pens in both refillable and disposable versions. Modern manufacturers are making them in attractive styles and you can find them in elegant designs to offer to your employees or other people of importance.

Learn about ballpoint pens-

Designed by J.J. Loud, ballpoint pens have become highly popular in the modern age. They have a ball present in the socket. While holding the pen up, the ink comes down the reservoir.

Ballpoint pens are available in different designs, like-

  • Twist designs
  • Retractable models
  • Stick design

The retractable ones include a thrust device, nib, clip, and spring. Most of the ballpoint pens have disposable designs, and only the costlier ones are refillable. Thus, when you like to buy cheap promotional pens, you may choose the disposable pens.

Know the differences of two pens- Rollerball and ballpoint-

Type of ink-

It is common to find rollerballs with water-based thinner (gel) ink. On the contrary, ballpoint pens need to use oil-based, thicker ink. The gel ink has a smooth flowing. However, the ink has a risk of getting smudged. But, the ballpoint pen ink can dry instantly while you write on the paper. Mostly, children in schools are suggested to use gel-ink pens in the beginning years and later use the oil-based ink when they get used to writing fluently. The ball-point pens facilitate faster writing while gel pens go a little slower.

Design and structure-

There is a difference in the barrel design used for ball pens and rollerballs. As rollerballs have gel ink, you have to cover their nibs with a cap. Ballpoint pens are operable with a click and twist mechanism. It is easier to carry a ball pen even in the shirt pocket as there is no risk of leakage or smudge. However, a gel-ink pen is not safe to be carried without a cap. Mostly, roller ball pens come with a protective cover to provide safety to the place where they are carried. Both these pens are customisable by printing your brand logo. Based on your needs, you can invest in customised pens Australia.

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Writing quality-

As rollerballs have gel ink, they help you to write smoothly. You do not need to apply highly pressure to write something using thee pens. Since you write slowly, the handwriting also seems to look neater. You will find darker and finer lines. Ballpoint pens give you a better control of your action and speed while writing.

Leakage issues-

Both rollerballs and ball pens have a leak-free design. To avoid the leaking problems of fountain pens, rollerball pens are introduced. However, in some cases, half-filled rollerballs can leak due to the varying level.


Author : Amit Ghia

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