How Long Can Your Travel Mug Keep Your Beverage Hot?

Sep 23, 2021 08:00

What would you desire to energize yourself during a long trip? A cup of hot tea, coffee or your favourite soup. The one you like would surely refresh you. However, you cannot prepare your beverage anywhere when you are out on a trip or a simple travel. The best option is to carry the drink with you by using a travel mug that you can sip anytime you wish. From your daily commute in the car to long journey in the bus, train, or a long walking trip, your must to have companion is a travel mug filled with your choice of beverage. This is the reason this product is high in demand personally and also by businesses to be used as a free giveaway to their customers, visitors, guests and others. Travel mugs have become a widely chosen unique corporate gifts to please customers and employees.

The insulated travel mugs can keep your drinks hot. But, how long can these mugs retain the temperature of your beverage? While you want to buy a travel mug online for your personal use or to gift to your loved ones, you would surely like to discover as how long would it keep the stuff insulated. The thermos flask and especially designed travel mugs come with varying capacity to keep the inside stuffs insulated. Based on the materials and overall design, it can make a difference. The most commonly used materials are stainless steel, plastic, and glass. The quality of the manufacturing also decides as how good your mug would perform in keeping the things hot or cold. Let’s get to know about them based on the material used in their make.

Ceramic Travel Mug With Silicone Lid

Using the plastic travel mugs-

A reusable plastic personalised travel mug can keep your beverage hot for a few hours. Thus, you may need to reheat your tea. Moreover, it is a good heat conductor and includes silicone sleeves. You must be careful while holding this travel mug. The cost of these mugs depends on the quality of the plastic used in the outer body. Corporate organizations readily prefer them as an advertising tool. Just get your business logo printed on it and use as a free giveaway for your employees.

Glass travel mugs for occasional uses-

Glass is another material used for designing the travel mug. But, it is not able to keep up the warmth of your drinks for several hours. Glass mugs also have silicone sleeves with a lid. You have to grip the mug with precautions to avoid burning risks to your hands. They are a little expensive and can be used as a premium gift for esteemed clients. The shiny glass surface makes a very good background for laser printing of your business logo or any other mode of personalization.

Should you choose ceramic travel mugs?

With a lid and double-walled insulation, ceramic mugs have become highly popular. During your short trip, when you need to carry drinks, you can use these mugs. A ceramic travel mug with silicone lid can keep your drinks hot for 1 to 2 hours. You may also store cold beverages, and the temperature level will be maintained for 3 hours. The small air pockets inside the ceramic work like insulators.

Are stainless steel travel mugs the best options?

Stainless steel travel mugs are the perfect choice to keep your drinks hot for long hours. You will never miss the taste of hot cappuccino. The steel models are capable of keeping your beverage hot for 4 hours. Moreover, cold drinks can retain the low temperature for 20 hours. Steel mugs have double-walled insulation to maintain the temperature of the content. Food-grade stainless steel does not cause harm to your health. Moreover, it ensures a sturdy construction of the mugs. A few fall of these mugs would make much difference to the look. However, try to prevent them for big scratches.

Stainless steel is non-porous and you can easily clean your mug. Another notable advantage is that it does not retain flavours. These are some reasons for which several customers use stainless steel travel mugs.

Plastic Personalised Travel Mug

Steel tumblers and travel mugs

However, never confuse a stainless-steel travel tumbler with a travel mug. Both of them are drinkware pieces used for storing cold and hot drinks. It may not be easy to distinguish them, as both have insulation properties. However, some travel mugs are integrated with handles. But, there is no handle to the tumbler.

You can invest in any type of drinkware for your promotional campaign. Display your brand name on the drinkware and spread it to customers. With a minimal investment, you will get a big benefit.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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