How Should You Store Your Pens?

Mar 03, 2022 08:00

Do you have a bunch of pens on your desk? You would have bought a bulk pack of pens for promotional gifts or for personal needs. Academicians, students, and college goers especially like to buy and store pens of various types and colors. You use these writing tools almost every day and their place in our lives is indispensable. There are people who keep their pens safely and totally protected. While in many others cases, you might leave your pens on the table after every use. Kids are usually found to profess this behavior. Sometimes, it also happens that when ink pens are left like that, they leak. Even ball pens, when not kept properly for long time keep on leaking or get dry. However, for every product, there is a way of storing and caring to keep them safe and make them last long. So, do you know the right way of storing your pens?

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Proper storage ensures longevity of your pens and minimal issues. The way you store the pens can vary with the type of ink and the pen style. Geographical factors like altitude and humidity also make a difference. Although you have purchased premium-quality branded pens, you have to store them rightly.

Tips for storing gel pens-

While storing gel pens, the tip must be free from pressure. The tip must be in an upward direction. It is also good to store these pens horizontally. That is actually the best way of storing gel pens.

When you store your gel pens vertically, the ink may need 30 seconds to again come back to the tip for another use. If kept like this for long, they might also get dry.

Storing ballpoint pens-

With viscous oil-based ink, ballpoint pens are very popular. You have to store them vertically, and their tips should point downward. Therefore, you may use a pen pot to place your pens vertically. This position will prevent leakage and drying issues of the ink. The heavier ink will always be near the tip. 

Fountain pen storage tips-

The horizontal position is perfect for fountain pens, and that’s why you can invest in a pen case. This storage technique prevents the ink leaking issues. While using customised pens for your daily needs, you must not overlook these tips.

Storing your rollerball pens-

Have you chosen rollerball models as the promotional pens Australia? The water-based ink ensures smooth writing. Nowadays, some pen manufacturers secure the tip with wax over the tip. It is safe to keep the rollerball pens in a horizontal position. Make sure that you have fitted the cap properly to prevent the ink from getting dried. However, these rollerball pens may not be the right choice for flight passengers. A slight fluctuation in air pressure can cause the ink to ooze out.

Proper storage technique for markers-

Identify the type of ink used for the marker and store the marker pens properly. It is generally safe to keep the tip down. However, in case of alcohol-based markers, the vertical position will cause evaporation of your ink. Thus, you can place the alcohol-based markers horizontally to prevent any ink-related issues.

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Storing the brush pens-

These pens are used for art and have a double-ended design. They are available with different types of ink. However, it is safe to store them horizontally. Do not keep the lids off the pen for several hours.

How to store pens for gifting?

There are a variety of pens that are bought for personal or corporate gifting. Beautiful pen cases with two sets of pen inside are commonly bought to gift to esteemed clients or guests. However, how to store these pens if you are carrying them to a far off distance? The best way is to go for a pen case which are especially designed for gifting. Not only the pen quality but also the pen casing is made of high quality things that make it look great. You can find such pen sets on online stores on discount or on sale. You can also get the case customized with your business logo or with your personal message on the pen as well as the pen case. 

Above all, you must use a separate container to store pens of any type. While you have left your pens on important papers, they will leave stains. That is why you have to be careful about this factor. Buy the pens from the most reliable store and use them for a longer period.

Find wide variety of pens for corporate gifting online and order them in bulk to get at wholesale rates. Select a proper type based on the material of the pen and the cost to get doorstep delivery at home or office for free.




Author : Amit Ghia

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