How To Identify Your Overloaded Backpack- Save Your Health

Feb 17, 2022 08:00

Do you like to carry backpack while going to office every day? Several daily commuters and travellers prefer backpacks, as these bags accommodate lots of items. Though it was introduced earlier as a bag for corporate to carry their laptops, these days, the backpacks are quite popular among everyone as a preferred mode of carriage. Even custom-designed backpacks have turned out to be the best promotional items used in all types of industries. The ergonomic designs and durability are some major reasons for choosing backpack. However, although you have bought an ergonomic backpack, the overloaded bag is never safe for your health. But the irony is that, you don’t even know that you are carrying an overloaded bag. You just stuff the things inside and went out without realizing that how much is good for you and how much you should carry.

It is important to take care of your posture and bone health. So, how will you save yourself from the heavily loaded backpack?

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Check for some warning signs-

You may need to struggle to put on the bag and take it off. It will be difficult to pull your bag to hang on the shoulder. You will also feel numbness, pain, and tingling sensation while adjusting your posture. It indicates that your backpack is too heavy.

Also, while putting your bag down, you will need to take help of both the hands and secure place for your bag as it will just hang down because of its weight. A properly packed bag should always be easy to hang, carry in hands or putting on the surface.

When you are sure that your bag is causing problem for you, you must look for ways to ensure your health safety. So here are a few ways while buying and using a backpack to protect your health.

Use your backpack properly-

A perfect fit is highly important to avoid pain and other health issues. You have to be careful while buying your bag. The backpack wholesalers can present you with different bag designs.

Make sure that your backpack has wide straps with paddings for comfort. Moreover, the backpack must not hang more than 4 inches below your waistline. So, use the backpack properly and feel comfortable. You should not carry around the backpack by a single strap. It will cause back pain and neck problems. The thin nylon strap should be avoided.

There is no need to buy an oversized backpack. A roomy backpack may persuade you to load lots of items. A consistent distribution of weight can increase your safety and comfort.

Check the backpack’s weight-

You have put your laptop and other items into your work backpacks Australia. However, the weight of your backpack must not be 5 to 10% of your body weight. With the weightier backpack, you cannot bend forward easily.

How does an overloaded backpack cause other problems?

 As you put a heavy weight on your shoulder, the force will pull you backward. Thus, you will naturally try to lean forward. It will result in an odd position, and you will have back pain, neck ache, and shoulder pain.

  • Tight and narrow straps digging into your shoulders may make your hands and arms weaker.
  • While carrying an overloaded pack, you have a risk of fall. Thus, you will lose balance, and there is a chance of getting injured.
  • As you have put several items into your backpack, its size can become bigger. Thus, it will consume more space, and you will face problems while moving through the crowd.

How will you prevent the potential issues as a backpack user?

You have to make the straps tighter and let the backpack fit closely to your body. The backpack needs to rest properly in the mid part of your backside.

Moreover, it is good to make your core stronger to avoid injury. Muscles of the torso, abdominal muscles, and lower back muscles need to be stable. Do yoga and Pilates to strengthen these muscles. Furthermore, weight training is effective in maintaining your health.

Work Backpacks Australia

So, you can do these physical workouts and buy the high-quality branded backpacks from the best seller.

Find a wide variety of backpacks in attractive designs and colors for yourself. These ergonomically designed bags are just the right fit for your health and your needs. Our manufacturers spend good amount of time in coming out with designs that are truly safe and high in utility.

While offering bags to your employees, you must consider the health factor and buy only padded backpacks that are soft to the shoulders and the back. Choose a design, get your logo printed and use these bags for your next promotional campaign or to use as corporate gift for your employees. Order in bulk and get at wholesale rates.

Author : Amit Ghia

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