How To Keep Your Bath And Gym Towels Fresh

Dec 18, 2020 08:00

Do you like to wrap yourself in some soft and fluffy gym towels? Towels are also essential during your bath time. A new towel always makes you feel the ultimate comfort. But, how do you keep your towels in the best condition in spite of your everyday use. Nowadays, lots of fitness conscious people go to gym, and thus, there is an increasing use of gym towels. People visiting clubs, sports stadiums, beaches also use a lot of towels which need to be kept clean. When you feel sweaty, you use your gym towel. However, without regular care, your towel will become dirty and full of odour. Maintaining a towel shows how hygienic you are and how well you take care of your stuffs.

We have some tips on to keep up the fresh look of your personalised gym towel Australia.

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Clean your towel thoroughly after every use-

Germs and bugs are unavoidable, as you take your towels to gym club for everyday use. When you use those filthy towels, you may have a risk of flu and cold. That is why you must clean your towels with water and mild detergent. You can avoid using the bacteria-infected towels. Many people have the habit of using the towel and simply put them in the sun without washing. If your towels are heavy and made of thick material, then you can put them in the sun. But if you use a thin cotton towel, then you can easily wash them and then sun dry. Heavy woollen towels can be washed in two days in warm water and then can be dried in the sun.

Combine laundry detergent and baking soda-

Laundry detergents are surely the best choice to care for your towels. Still, you can add some baking soda to the solution to get better results. Baking soda with detergent helps in removing odours from your workout towels and bath towels. It also loosens your towel fibres and eliminate germs. You can also consider adding some fragrant liquid in your washing machine to keep your towels fresh.

Use vinegar to rinse your towel-

Vinegar is another element to keep up the best condition of the towel. Add a few drops of vinegar to water and rinse your towels. Keep your towels soft and fresh. What's more, vinegar has the potential to eliminate odour. Moreover, vinegar helps in retaining the absorbency capabilities of your towels.

 Nowadays, gym clubs buy cheap gym towels bulk and choose them as the best promotional items. Thus, gym goers have to know the way of taking care of their towels. 

Check the water temperature to cleanse towels-

How should you keep your towels soft, fresh, and fluffy? The best trick for you is to maintain the right water temperature while washing towels. You may use hot water for cleaning white towels. Lukewarm water is also best for colored towels to prevent fading problems. While cleaning towels, you must keep them separate from other types of laundry. You can keep your towels last longer.  

Do not avoid the drying process-

Moisture can result in the growth of bacteria. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your towels are fully dry before using and storing them. You must not leave your towels inside towels for several hours, as it can damage the fibres.

Gym towels are one of the cheap promotional items chosen by fitness centres, gym clubs, hotels, and other business. It is easy to customise gym towels and bath towels with your brand name and business details.

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Fold and keep your towels at dry places

When your towels are dry, don’t just stuff it in your cupboard. Rather fold them properly or roll to keep in the washroom cabinet or in your wardrobe. Nobody wants to use a towel with wrinkles, so keep your towel kempt, non-creased and straight to use. 

Take care of your towel during travels

Travels and your out-stationed stays are times when you really don’t take of your towels. After use, you might need to leave the place so dump them all in your bag without proper drying. Make sure to put them in sun when you are back. Also, while leaving out of your home and keeping old towels at home, don’t forget to put some naphthalin balls or cloth fresheners in the wardrobe to keep them safe and fresh. 

Organizations looking to present promotional towels to their employees and guest must consider choosing an easy to wash towel so that they can be maintained. Take care of the customization quality which does not fade away after washing them for some time. 

Look for wholesale bath towels suppliers in Australia to buy quality products. These useful items will please your clients, and you will get the best value from your marketing campaign.

Author : Amit Ghia

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