How To Make Your Glassware Always Shining And Dazzling

Jan 17, 2022 08:00

How do you feel when you sip your favourite drinks from custom beer glasses? It is also easy to impress your guests when you serve wine in sparkling new glasses. For many other different types of colorful beverages, using a glass ware is preferred by people around the world. However, maintaining them is a big problem. Not only are they fragile, but also prone to dirtiness which develops in due course of time. If they are not cleaned properly, you would find a cloudy-white film on your glassware. On the sides as well as on the bottom of the ware, the looks get faded and they don’t shine anymore. A new set of glassware will look old due to this cloudy film. But, there are ways to restore the original beauty of your glassware. Before putting your wine glasses into your kitchen cupboard, you have to clean them properly.

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Before you get into the ways of cleaning them, you your first step is to find out why your glassware set is looking dull. The major reasons are

  • Hard water deposits

There are natural minerals in hard water. The build-ups of natural minerals affect the aesthetics of your glasses. Although you use soap, it cannot remove hard water. Using soap is usually good for cleaning oily things and might not work for hard water.

That is why your glassware looks foggy. 

  • Etching-

Due to your daily use, some parts of your glasses get worn out. But, it is not easy to solve the etching problems. Scratches can become permanent. They accumulate dirt and start looking dusky. The only to prevent that is to avoid using rough scrubs while cleaning them and wiping them with soft cotton clothes. Simply put, handle with care! 

Cleaning the cloudy glasses-

You would have invested in beautiful printed wine glasses. However, after your regular use, you have to clean them properly to remove the foggy film.

Rinse the glassware

Use your tap water to wash your glasses. It is better to use lukewarm water as it will flush off the dirt. Too much hot water can crack the glassware. 

Add some soapy solution-

Mild detergent is safe for your glasses. Do not use harsh bleach-based cleaner for your glassware, as it may be abrasive. 

Scrub your wine glasses- 

Use a sponge and soak it in the soapy solution. Gently scrub your glass using this sponge. Do not apply heavy pressure on your glassware as they will lean minor scratches which might not be visible but would be big enough to attract dirt and dust. 

Apply vinegar- 

Add white vinegar to a cup of water. You can treat your glasses with this solution. The vinegar has acid to remove the cloudiness. Your glassware will retain its dazzling look. They are really very effective in cleaning other glass stuffs at home. 

Wine glasses are now one of the corporate branding products. But, consumers have to take care of these custom glasses to use them for several years.

Still found spots on the glasses? Find the reason and solve it-

In some cases, you find spots when you take your glasses out of your cupboard. It happens when you have not properly dried the glassware properly. Water drops on the glass surface will leave behind some spots. That is why you have to dry your glassware before putting the pieces into your cupboard.

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Drying your glassware-

Drying your wine glasses is the most important step for maintenance. You can use a microfiber cloth and linen towel to dry the glasses after cleaning. However, the thickness of these glass pieces is important. Do not put your fingers into the interiors of the glasses. Your fingers may also leave prints on the glasses. Do not touch dried glasses with oily or dirty hands. They would retain the dirt and will continue looking dirty even if you clean them multiple times. 

How to store the glassware?

Storing glassware at clean dry place is important. The place should be clean beforehand. You can also use a dust cover for your glassware if keeping it in open crockery cupboard. It will help in preventing the contact of dusts with glassware. However, people prefer closed closets for glassware which make them look even more clear and shiny. You can maintain the shinning look of your personalised glassware Australia. However, you still need to clean the glasses regularly.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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