How To Protect & Maintain The Hygiene Of Your Glass Drink Bottles

Mar 30, 2020 08:00

Glass drink bottles are useful as an everyday lifestyle accessory in modern times. An immense variety of such bottles is available commercially, and these help to hydrate billions of human beings on the planet. Owing to the popularity and massive usage, promotional drink bottles are also quite in use. However, such bottles have a direct relationship with human health and therefore, must be washed and cleaned regularly. Such practices ensure glass bottles continue to present a constant value proposition, while helping preserve human health in more ways than one. We will examine, in the below passages, some measures to preserve hygiene in glass drink bottles.

Regular Washing with Hot Water

A careful routine of washing glass drinking bottles in hot water helps sterilize it by killing the harmful pathogens. A total immersion time of 20 minutes is sufficient to cleanse the bottles of germs, pathogens, and unhealthy odors. Consumers who choose additional levels of caution may add a mild detergent to hot water prior to the immersion of bottles. However, they must take care to remove bottle caps before immersion; this allows the entire bottle to undergo safe cleaning, ready for use the next day.

Promotional Drink Bottles

Scrubbing with a Bottle Brush

Cleaning promotional drink bottles can be tricky sometimes. In such situations, users of glass drink bottles can use an active cleaning strategy by deploying specialized brushing devices. These devices, when inserted into the bottles, help users thoroughly scrub the inner surfaces of glass bottles, thereby creating wholesome hygiene effects. Mild detergents or domestic cleaning liquids can help the scrubbing process, thereby guaranteeing peace of mind for the average user of glass bottles. Such techniques also help remove any residual flavours from bottles used to store (or carry) flavoured drinks and beverages.

Vinegar as a Cleaning Agent

White distilled vinegar represents an efficient sanitation agent for glass drink bottles. The liquid helps eliminate bacteria and odours from glass drinking water bottles designed for use inside the home. When used in measured volumes, white vinegar combines with hot water to effect high degrees of hygiene. However, users must thoroughly rinse the glass bottles with hot water to remove all residues. Subsequently, the glass bottles must be positioned in an inverted position in open air for the cleaning process to attain completion.

Benefits of Direct Sunlight

Users of promotional drink bottles Australia can periodically dry these hydration products in open sunlight. The direct rays of the sun help heat up the temperature of the bottle and kill any bacteria or pathogens that reside on any surface of the bottles. Such practices also remove unhealthy odours and residues from every surface. This practice also encourages users to conserve water and use the beneficial effects of natural light to promote healthy lifestyles. However, bottle caps and any other accessories must be retained carefully, for use after the bottles have completed the natural cleaning process. 

Dishwasher for Narrow-necked Bottles

Modern kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers, can help sanitise multiple batches of glass bottles equipped with narrow necks. This automated technique is highly time-efficient, and promotes a methodical cleaning of glass drink bottles. It also rules out any variation in outcomes, thereby ensuring uniform cleaning and steady hygiene. Users can allocate specific times of the week to cleanse all bottles in the household kitchen using this technique. 

Got a promotional drink bottle, Australia?

Many people working in organizations or companies receive bottles as a promotional gift. Most of the time, such bottles are personalized with a logo, design, or text. No matter from where did you receive it, you need to keep them clean and safe to keep them using for longer time. However, you might worry as the printed text on the bottle might get erased. You don’t need to worry for that. Use the normal washing procedure as cleaning them is very important. If the quality of the bottle is good, then the printing would not disappear. Anyhow, the hygiene of your drinking bottles is of utmost important, so you can’t avoid cleaning the bottles even if it loses its design. 

Are you a business owner looking for promotional drink bottles?

Glass Drinking Bottles

You might consider glass drink bottle as a promotional product for your brand. There are several occasions you can use them to distribute among people carrying your name as a brand ambassador. In corporate functions, outdoor events, festivals, long weekends etc are  the right occasions when you can use this product as a free giveaway to your loved people and new prospects as well. No matter when do you plan to present them, the thing is you should always choose a model which is high in quality and allows lasting customization. Glass bottles are already a delicate item. They need proper cleaning to look good and hygienic. Glass also tends to lose printing easily than any other material like plastic or fibre. So, you must take care to personalize the bottles with high quality screen-printing techniques. This will ensure that the printing is not lost and remains on the glass surface for long. Such kind of high quality glass and its personalized might cost you a little extra, but the benefits are also huge.

High quality personalization of promotional bottles has following benefits:

  • Your brand name or logo will not be easily lost from the glass surface and will get noticed by the users for too long.
  • You would enjoy a good reputation by offering a product which is high in quality. Bottles with partially erased prints look cheap and degrade the reputation of the givers.
  • Your brand name would go beyond the geographic limitations with people carrying them to far off places. It will reach more people than your expectation.
  • Your investment would keep on giving you long term returns and will offer value for money. 

Where to buy hygienic glass drink bottles?

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Author : Amit Ghia

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