How To Use Backpacks Safely And Keep Your Back Strong And Healthy

Aug 24, 2020 08:00

A backpack is the best choice to pack your essentials and get ready for a long trip. A large backpack with spacious design can accommodate lots of things. However, have you felt pain while carrying your backpack for several years? Some backpackers complain about aching problems. Moreover, kids, using backpack for regular purposes, also feel back pain. Thus, we are going to provide you with tips to prevent backache while carrying heavy-duty backpack.

Adjust your posture-

When you start backpacking with an improper posture, you may encounter problems. You must maintain a neutral spine while travelling with a backpack. Let us clarify you the term, neutral spine. This neutral spine ensures a proper alignment of the spine’s iliac parts and the pubic symphysis. In some cases, the weight of your backpack automatically bend your spine. However, you must practice the right posture in spite of carrying a weighty backpack.

Heavy Duty Backpacks

Right positioning of the backpack-

Sometimes, we use one strap of the backpack and sling it on our shoulders. This is the wrong way of using backpacks. For preventing back pain, you must wear both straps.

Modern backpacks have an integrated chest strap and waist strap. Use waist straps for proper distribution of weight to your hips. This approach will help you in minimizing pressure on your shoulders. Similarly, chest straps ensure perfect positioning of shoulder straps.

When your backpack is much high on your back, you have to adjust the shoulder straps for your convenience. Make sure the backpack does not cross your waistline. However, you wear clothing of different thickness levels, and thus, readjustment of straps is essential for your comfort.

At times, you can find your backpack, swaying from side to side while you are walking. It causes the backpack to rub straps against your back. It is always safe to make the load stable.

Maintain your backpack weight-

Hikers, school students, and regular office goers use backpack for different purposes. While fully loaded, the backpack weight should not be over 10% of the bodyweight.

Thus, when your weight is about 150 pounds, your backpack weight must not be more than 15 lbs. With this load, you can run and walk comfortably. During your hiking, you must also use hiking boots and trekking poles. To start a long backpacking trip, you may need to carry more loads with your backpack. However, you should train your body muscles to hold heavier loads.

Find the best backpack design-

When you purchase cheap backpacks online, you have to ensure that they have ergonomic straps with padding. The best backpack manufacturers also add lower back padding to alleviate your strain. Moreover, it is essential to check the length of your backpack especially when it has hip belts.

Backpacks are really valuable things for both students and professionals. You can buy wholesale backpacks to get them at a lower price. However, a backpack user must know the right way of using bag for safety and for preventing backache. 

large Backpack

Buying backpack for your brand promotion? Keep health a priority

These days, with changing marketing trends, backpacks are often bought in bulk for brand promotion. Business owners, corporate organizations, HR managers and others buy promotional backpacks at whole rates to get them customized and use as an advertising tool. However, do you know that your choice matters a lot. Cheap backpacks online might ruin your reputation if you don’t deliver quality and give a product only. That is why, it is suggested to choose a good quality backpack even if you are picking a large or a heavy-duty backpack. In small size also, you must assure that the user of the bag must have ease of use that does not cause any physical problem as well.

What happens with a cheap quality bag is that it comes with an inferior quality shoulder straps which puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders. You not only get pain in your shoulder and back but, over the time, your posture also gets distorted. Also, a good quality backpack comes with a waist strap, especially if it is large in size to support heavy weight lifting. So, you must check the features of the backpack in details to rest assured that you have picked the right item. There are many online portals and wholesale suppliers in Australia who offer different product range. However, you must keep the health factor ahead while making your choice. So, go for a reputed and well-established name in the industry that guarantees quality product to you at the best prices and timely delivery.

Get custom logo printed on promotional backpacks and use them as a corporate gift for your upcoming corporate event. These backpacks are highly useful and would surely get your brand name noticed by the people when in use. Place bulk order and get attractive deals on them.


Author : Amit Ghia

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