How To Waterproof Your Backpack- A Brief Guide

Jun 23, 2022 08:00

A backpack is always the best companion for outdoor enthusiasts. While enjoying adventurous hiking, kayaking, and camping, you may like to carry a backpack with you. The spacious bag easily holds lots of essentials. Daily commuters and office goers also use backpacks for their own purposes. Nowadays, several companies choose backpacks as promotional business gifts

Available in different designs, backpacks are best for different needs. But, which backpack quality is always desirable to every consumer? Almost any buyer likes to choose a backpack with waterproof qualities. A nylon backpack waterproof design will save your personal items from getting water damaged. But, you might have invested in backpacks of other fabrics. In that case, you have some other ways to make your bag waterproof.  

Cheap Nylon Drawstring Backpacks

Use a liner or plastic bag-

As you like to prevent water damage to your backpack’s content, you can invest in a special liner. Almost any outdoor gear retail shops have pack liners. Backpack liners look like big bags with some sealed seams getting inside the bag. The major benefit of using these liners is that they keep the rainwater out of your bag. Although your backpack gets soaked, your things will be safe. But, while packing your gear inside the bag, you may find some challenges. 

Large-sized plastic bags can also be used as protection against water. Ensure that you have sealed the bag’s neck to keep your stuff safe.  

Buy a rain cover for your backpack- 

A rain cover with water-repellent properties can provide ultimate protection to your backpack. On rainy days, when you need to get out of your house, you have to use the rain cover to keep your things dry. 

The best hiking backpack manufacturers add a rain cover without any additional cost. There is no need to purchase the cover separately. Still, the problem is that the cover will not protect every part of your bag from the water. These rain covers include an elastic trim covering the outer side of your backpack. Thus, they will not protect the parts behind your back and shoulders.

The rear side of your backpack will remain unprotected from water. Moreover, the rain cover prevents you from accessing your bag’s content easily. As these covers are made from thin and lightweight materials, they may get torn. These are some demerits of using the rain covers for backpacks.

Use a waterproofing spray-

Sealers and sprays are intended for waterproofing the tents. But, you can also use the waterproofing spray for your backpack. It is one of the best preventive measures taken by backpack users.

Before applying the spray over your backpack, you have to clean the bag and let it dry. There should be no dirt on the backpack’s surface. After cleaning the bag thoroughly, you can coat it with waterproof spray.

A single coat may be effective in making your backpack waterproof. Still, you can apply another coating for better results. This second coating is highly important for different high-abrasion parts (backside and the part rubbing against your shoulders).

Some consumers think that the spray can damage the backpack fabrics and fade away the colour. For this reason, you have to buy high quality, branded waterproofing sprays. Low-grade products can affect your backpack quality.

Although the waterproofing spray protects your backpack’s content from rainwater, you must not submerge the bag in water.

Buy waterproof bags and solve your problems-

You may not have time to make your backpack waterproof with additional accessories. So, it is better to invest in cheap nylon drawstring backpacks.

Nylon is a waterproof fabric, and thus, moisture remains on the surface and evaporates slowly. It is unable to absorb moisture and does not have a risk of mold growth.

Based on your needs, you can choose between the nylon mini backpack and the big backpack. It is very easy to clean the nylon bags, and they can dry fast. In fact, nylon is better than polyester in terms of waterproofing properties.

There are various types of Nylon bags available in the market and based on your needs, you can pick anyone of them. Let’s get to know more about the types of nylon bags.

Types of Nylon Bags:

Nylon tote bags: They are broad-based and ready to be used for heavy duty. You can use them for carrying heavy materials and stuffs without worrying for the stains or soaking of the fabric as they are waterproof. Available in great bold colors like red, pink, green, blue, and black, they are suitable to be used for diverse purposes. Customize them with your business logo and distribute among your loyal customers.

Nylon Backpack Waterproof

Nylon Sling Bags: They are one of the most creative bags ruling the market these days and preferred among the youngsters. They can take your style statement to the next level if matched with the outfit. The best part is sling nylon bags can be folded and wrapped around and kept like a roll. They are not only easy to store but also stylish to use. Order them in bulk for your regular employees, staff, students, or visitors and impress.

Nylon drawstring Bags: They look amazing and are lightweight. Kids can use them for storing bottles, books, or any random stuff with an easy-to-use closure of strings. They can be hanged across the shoulders to keep your hands free. They are one of the popular promotional products across fitness and sports businesses who buy them at wholesale rates and get screen-printed with the company’s logo. This useful giveaway will give visibility to your brand while being used by the people.  

You can now look for the best nylon backpacks and other types of bags. Customise the backpacks to use them as your promotional gifts. Your customers and employees can use your free backpacks regularly.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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