How Travel Mugs Are Different From Normal Mugs

Apr 13, 2020 08:00

The essentials of travel in the modern world include mugs that help travelers stay hydrated on their journeys. These mugs, now available in markets in different sizes, shapes and forms, help travelers consume cold water and hot beverages such as tea, coffee and soups. When it comes to mugs, we feel like all are the same. However, those who love beverages can distinguish well between coffee mugs, tea mugs, travel mugs and others. Groups and families who travel on holidays or use love drinking beverages even while commuting in their day to day routine can understand the importance of custom travel mugs. They must acquire one travel mug for each member for such purposes. This allows the group to preserve personal hygiene and collectively enjoy beverages during sundown, or early in the mornings. However, travel mugs differ from regular mugs; we will explore the differences below.

Mostly Stainless Steel Construction

The personalized travel mug is an article of personal use for the traveling individual. Such mugs must boast sturdy construction from stainless steel. This helps preserve the health of travelers and ensures the mug can withstand the rigors of modern travel. A sleek shape is also desirable in travel mugs; because such shapes help fit the mug inside backpacks, side bags, and on the outside pockets of rucksacks. So the main difference in the material of the mug and its shape. The strong stainless body helps it withstand the outdoor usage and need to be kept anywhere. At the same time, slender body of the bottle makes it perfect to be handed or kept anywhere as per the travelers’ convenience. On the other hand, normal mugs are wide and made of breakable material. Also, the normal mugs have open ends while travel mugs always have lids. We will discover more about that further.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Heavy Base, Secure Plastic Lids

Lids are an essential part of travel mugs Australia. These lightweight covers fit snugly on the open end of the mug, helping travellers protect themselves from the hazards of spilled liquids. Most travel mugs feature lids made from sturdy black plastic; however, newer models of travel mugs can provide travellers with the comfort of color-coordinated lids that match the body of the mug. In addition, a heavy base is affixed to the bottom of travel mugs; this helps stabilize mugs when used inside moving trains, buses, taxis, etc.

Detachable Handles

These are essentially a design feature that separate stainless steel travel mug from normal mugs used at home or in the workplace. One end of the mug handle remains detached from the body of the mug. This helps travellers with different hand sizes exert a secure grip, while sipping fluids from the mug. A detached handle also helps travellers to escape the fatigue (or discomfort) that stems from holding a mug equipped with a fully closed handle. In addition, detached handles can be fashioned from engineered plastics, a fact that contributes to the long life of travel mugs.

Thermos or Insulated Mugs

In terms of custom travel mugs, models that feature temperature control mechanisms are known as thermos mugs. These objects represent sophistication in travel choices, and help preserve the original temperature of, say, a chilled soda-based drink or a hot chocolate beverage. Essentially a small thermal flask, these versions of the modern travel mug find enthusiastic users in hot and cold climates. A collection of such travel mugs can serve as a secure source of cold drinking water for use by thirsty hikers undertaking a trek in the mountains.

Travel Mugs with Heating Cables

Travel mugs equipped with heating circuits represent the latest in hydration technology. These mugs can be connected to the electronic circuitry on vehicle dashboards, thereby allowing travellers to enjoy hot tea, hot coffee, or hot soups during their travels. Buyers of wholesale travel mugs Australia buy these mugs in different colors and remain assured of a hot beverage at any time of the day or night. 

Travel mugs form the best corporate gift

The unique features of the travel mug and their widespread usage have made them one of the preferred items of corporate gifting. Many organizations choose to go with personalized travel mugs as a freebie for their employees or guests during special days or corporate events. They can easily be customized with company’s logo, name, text, or a message and fulfil the organizations goal of creating its presence among the users beyond their physical boundaries.  Among a toll of other products widely used as a gift, there are reasons to choose stainless steel travel mug or others as a corporate gift. Here are a few of them. 

Travel Mugs Australia

Handy product that travels places: Literally, a travel mug goes places with travelers expanding the reach of your brand. Whenever a person uses your mug at any distance place, it gets noticed by all others giving recall of your brand name.

Creates long lasting impression: Travel mugs are durable products that last for long. Once you invest in that, they are not going to be used up and finished easily. For a long period of time, people can use that and get a look of your logo. Sooner or later, this reminds them of your company whenever they need any related product.  

Good return on money: Travel mugs come in different price range and you can go with one that falls in your budget. In a very good budget, you can get recurring return on your investment as people will keep recalling your brand name every much after you have distributed the products among people. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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