Innovative Branding Tricks With Promotional Drink Bottles

Dec 07, 2020 08:00

Nowadays, most of the companies like to be creative while promoting their businesses. Of course, they can use social platforms and websites to advertise their businesses. But, one of the smartest ways of marketing their products and services is by offering custom gifts. Among all such gifts, businesses should pick the products of high usability which are of everyday use so that the brand name can get exposure on a daily basis. Personalised drink bottles fall in this category of product as their use is inevitable in our daily lives. They can also be used as corporate giveaways to make your branding campaign successful in a very attractive budget.

With logos and brand names imprinted on the water bottles, you can advertise your business. However, what are the ways of using these custom-printed bottles to promote your brand? Also, what can be various occasions of offering these bottles to people? Who could be the possible and effective recipients? We have got the answers for you to make your gifting campaign a success. Here are the interesting ways to do branding with drink bottles.

Custom Water Bottles

Choose a local sports team to offer customised bottles-

Most of the sports persons carry some refreshing drinks with them to perform the best. Your sports drink bottle can be the perfect gift to those athletes. As these local sportsmen use your personalised bottles in every tournament, they can spread your brand name. Moreover, they can turn out to be your brand ambassadors. Your potential customers in the locality will also see your brand message and logo on those sports bottles.

Promotional bottles in the reception-

Place a number of custom water bottles on the desk of receptionists. The availability of water bottles is one of the amenities in offices, hotels, and other places. As lots of customers visit the reception zone, they will have a good impression from it. Your promotional bottles will make them feel more comfortable and feel encouraged in making deals with you. Your receptionists will offer those drinking water bottles to your customers.

Distribute personalised bottles in tradeshows-

You may have arranged a tradeshow in an outdoor site. Your attendees may feel thirsty and like to drink something for refreshment. Fill your BPA free water bottles with pure water and create a better sensation among your attendees. These promotional bottles will increase the chance to make your tradeshow successful. Not only on your stall, but your product will move to various locations with the people carrying your bottle. This can be a highly effective tool for advertisement specially in a trade show.

Use custom bottles for company events-

Have you hosted a corporate event for your employees? There are many such occasions like corporate sports event, annual day, family days, kids functions, and other festive parties as well. These are great occasions of doing internal branding through the use of products. Here, you can distribute these custom-designed bottles among these employees and business partners. Reusable, steel bottles with your brand name will surely please everyone in the event. For kids, you can go with food grade plastic bottles in attractive colors.

Choose promotional steel bottles as freebies-

Freebies always attract attention of potential customers. When you start offering some useful free gifts with your own products, you can increase your sales. For businesses like super market, grocery stores, general stores and others, offering a customized bottle printed you’re your logo can go as a free giveaway to keep your customers loyal towards your brand. Moreover, it is one of the ways to spread your business name. However, you have to offer these freebies for a limited period.

Water bottles as the prize for social media contests-

You can host a social media contest and win the attention of your followers. These online contests are effective to promote your brand. But, there is another opportunity to have better value from the contest. As you need to gift your contest winners, you may invest in the personalised water bottles. 

Where to buy promotional drink bottles?

You may find a variety of online suppliers selling custom-printed bottles or personalized bottles. The online portals offer enough options to you at highly competitive cost. However, choosing a reputed supplier offering quality product is a must to build your reputation among your prospects. So, go with any established supplier of promotional drink bottles in Australia, view all the available products, compare the features and cost to take a final decision. Do not forget to get the customization service as well. Most of the suppliers offer printing of the bottles as a complementary service.

These durable and reusable water bottles are available at a reasonable price with the promotional product companies. Customise these bottles and convey your brand message with these giveaways. You are always free to drive your own campaign as per your specific need.

Author : Amit Ghia

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