Interesting And Unknown Facts About Towel

Feb 25, 2021 08:00

Towels are one of the commonplace items in our life. From custom hand towels to beach towels, there are several choices for us. Even at home, we stock variety of towels for everyone’s use. Although we use them every day, we have hardly given a thought about the product. Everything is this world has stories and something interesting to know about. Likewise, towels also have a few things you would love to know and discuss with others. From its basic knowledge to some unknown facts, we have brought a lot of interesting stuff for you. Especially, if you are going to use towels as your promotional product, then you must know these things.

More about towels

A towel is a piece of soft, absorbent fabric used for wiping or covering our body.

However, there are other amazing facts related to towels. You know that towels are one of the small business promotional items.  Thus, before investing in towels for your customers, you can learn some relevant facts.

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The origin of towels is in Turkey-

We need to look back at the 17th century to know about the origin of towels. Towels were known as petsamels in the ancient age. However, there was no difference between our modern-day towels and petsamels, as both are absorbent. But, petsamels could maintain their lightweight nature, even when wet.

Moreover, you could trace different embroidery works on the ancient towels. In the Ottoman Empire, towels used to be narrow with hand-embroidered designs. Weavers knew the way of placing elaborate and detailed designs on their towels.

However, nowadays, most of the modern towels have solid colors with no intricate designs. Some companies buy towels in bulk wholesale and customise them with their brand names. Available in different shades, companies can choose the right one that matches their brand colors.

The first use of towels was for ceremonial baths-

In the present age, we use microfiber bath towels for drying hair or body. However, Turks in the ancient age used to choose towels as one of the ceremonial items. After a pre-nuptial bath, brides used these towels to wipe away their body. They mad a special segment of personal product and were available in exquisite styles. For rich people and aristocrats, they were available in variety of styles with beautiful embroidery or thread work. They were beautified in many ways but the light-weight nature of the towels was maintained. 

Dirty towels hold bacteria and viruses-

Our body has more than 600 sweat glands with millions of skin cells. While wiping our body with towels, dead skin cells get stuck to the fabric.

That is why it is important to cleanse towels after every use. Dry your towels after washing them regularly. Dirty towels may spread bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and they can affect your sensitive skin.

Towels were prevalent only in the affluent society-

Towels are now a very common item we use every day. Lots of companies buy wholesale towels cheap to use them as promotional products.

However, in the ancient age, towels were available at a very high price. Only rich families could buy them.

During the 1800s, industrialization transformed everything due to the introduction of machines that make towels and linens. The increasing rate of manufacturing towels has resulted in a lower price. Thus, middle-class families can easily afford these items.

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Other facts related to towels-

  • National Towel Day is celebrated in some countries on 25th
  • Towels are useful for a range of purposes. You can use them for drying kitchen items and dishes. Sports persons also need towels to remove perspiration.
  • Some hotels add RFID tags to their towels to prevent thefts. Thus, never try to take a hotel’s towels to your home.

How to keep your towels maintained?

Towels are an everyday use product and it is very important to keep them safe and maintained. They are meant to make you feel fresh and dry and if they are dirty, the whole purpose of having a towel will be nullified. So, here are some tips to maintain and use your towels safely.

  • Designate your towels for specific use. For example, use hand towels only for wiping hands and bathing towels only for wiping the body.
  • Try to sun-dry your towels and keep them safe in the cupboards. Put some naphthalene balls at the place of keeping towels.
  • Wash your towels regularly with detergent and disinfectant.
  • Never use the towel of a sick person or share your towel with anyone if sick.
  • Never use guest towels for any family member and wash even after a single use. 

Find wholesale towels cheap in variety of designs, colors and sizes. For promotional purpose, get the towels customized with your business logo and offer as a giveaway to your prospects on various corporate events. Order in bulk for the best deals on towel cost.


Author : Amit Ghia

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