Inverted Umbrellas With Endless Advantages- Buy The Best Ones For Your Needs

Jun 09, 2022 08:00

It is annoying to go out to school and work on rainy days. Still, no one can avoid his everyday activities due to rainfall. However, an umbrella is the best companion on both rainy and sunny days. You may have noticed the evolution in styles of umbrellas. Corporate umbrellas installed on outdoor event grounds are big. On the contrary, umbrellas for consumers are small and available in different styles. Interestingly, some umbrellas are found with reverse or inverted designs.

The reverse umbrella looks like a flower when you open it up. It is contrary to traditional umbrellas. The inverted umbrella is easy to open, and there is a switch for smooth operation. Similarly, while closing it, the umbrella will face upward to prevent you from getting drenched in water. 

Cheap Promotional Umbrellas

 The invention of inverted umbrellas-

Although the function of the inverted umbrella is similar to a regular umbrella, there is a difference. The inverted ones can be opened in both directions. You can notice an upward-opening mechanism in these umbrellas. But, when did the reverse umbrella enter the market? The Japanese designer, Sakamoto, invented this type of umbrella, and he launched the product in 2013. 

Reverse umbrellas of different types-

Umbrellas have become the commonly chosen promotional products. So, you can choose a bulk pack of inverted umbrellas and place an order for custom printing online. The inverted umbrellas are available in different designs-

  • Manual inverted model- The way how this umbrella works is not different from the conventional umbrella. Use your hands to close and open the umbrella.
  • Automatic umbrella- It is a self-opening umbrella with a button on its handle. You can press the button for automatic closing and opening of the system. 
  • Transparent inverted umbrella- The fabric used for the canopy of the umbrella is transparent. Still, it will protect you from UV lights. The best fact is that transparent umbrellas are mostly made of waterproof fabrics. 
  • LED reverse umbrella- There is an energy-efficient LED integrated with the reverse umbrella. While walking through the dark streets, the lights will be useful. 
  • Reflective reverse umbrella- The inverted umbrellas with a reflective edge provide high visibility in low-light conditions. 

Advantages of using the reverse umbrellas- 

Avoid poking the people around you-

In a crowded place, it is challenging to open a regular umbrella. It needs some space to open and can poke the person close to you. On the contrary, you open the inverted umbrella with its upside down, and so, you will not face an issue. Although you are in a crowded public place, you can open it easily.

Moreover, when you are standing in a small space, you can open the reverse umbrella without a hassle. You can enter your car without the risk of getting wet. 

No spills inside the car-

The standard umbrella may spill water in the car when it is wet. Water keeps on dripping on your vehicle’s seat. But, there is no need to be concerned about the water spilling issues in case of your reverse umbrella. The inverted umbrella with a cone-shaped design retains the water when you close it. Until you like to pour the water out, the cone will hold it. The non-absorbent umbrella develops the cone to retain water. 

Corporate Umbrellas

No damage risks on the stormy days-

Strong winds disintegrate your regular umbrella and ultimately damage it. On the contrary, the reverse umbrella ensures protection against the wind. Designed with sturdy aluminium, this umbrella has a long-lasting design. Thus, the reverse umbrella is a versatile solution on windy, rainy, and sunny days. To buy corporate giveaways, you can invest in the inverted umbrella with logo. 

Caring for the reverse umbrellas-

  • The cheap promotional umbrellas with an inverted design can last long with proper usage. 
  • You should not use the umbrella as a walking stick. 
  • Never hit the umbrella on the hard ground, as it can damage the frame. 
  • Choose a dry place to store your umbrella. Moisture can affect the metal rods of the umbrella. The space should be clutter-free to ensure that the umbrella is in proper shape. 
  • Tap water is safe for cleaning the fabric of the inverted umbrella. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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