Is A Satchel Different From A Messenger Bag?

Apr 22, 2021 08:00

You know that women like to match their bags with their personal styles. Similarly, men are also highly conscious of their looks and outfit these days. From personal care to accessorizing with proper things, they also want to come out prepared and well-presented. One of the chosen items among men these days, that they are particular about is the bag. From travel to office, they wish to have the right type of bag for convenience and utility purpose. That is why bags designs matter a lot for them in their everyday use. While 'talking about the men’s bags, you can find two relevant names- business satchel bag and messenger bag.

The question is-Does a satchel bag differ from a messenger bag? Most of us do not find it easy to distinguish them. You may also think that these terms are interchangeable. But, there are some differences between these bags. If you are buying them in bulk for distribution among your employees or for brand promotion purpose, then you must be aware of their features, difference in cost, and usages. Once you are sure about the exact differences, then you choose anyone of them which best fits their needs.

Business Satchel Bag

Messenger bags versus satchels- Different origins-

Around 300AD, Scottish monks used to choose satchels to carry bibles. Moreover, the satchel turned out to be a standard choice for school children in Britain during the 1950s and 60s.

On the contrary, messenger bags had their origin in America. In the ancient days, men used to carry these bags while riding horses. These bags had been highly useful for holding documents, as they have buckles, zippers, and clasps. Besides, messenger bags had gained popularity among postal workers, couriers, and messengers.

In today’s scenario, when the old fashion in everything is reviving, these two types are gaining popularity and demanded by a lot of people for various personal and official usage. 

Materials used for designing messenger bags and satchels-

Satchel bags are made from softer and thinner materials to embrace the shape of your body. On the contrary, you can find messenger bags designed with canvas and other waterproof and lightweight materials. However, nowadays, both promotional satchel bags and messenger bags are made of eco-friendly fabrics.

The best fact is that both men and women can use these bags. Still, some companies advertise satchel bags for women and messenger bags for men. Thus, based on your preference, you can invest in messenger bags and conference satchels Australia. For your employees, you can choose any suitable type and get them printed with your business logo for any upcoming business event. 

Messenger bags and satchels creating diverse image-

When you prefer a briefcase-style bag, you can buy a messenger bag. Men and women use this bag while going to the office. They are in demand in the corporate world as an advertisement tool. Good quality leather messenger bags come a little expensive and are logo-printed for esteemed clients and prospects. They come with short handles as well as long shoulder strap for more convenience and flexibility of use.

On the contrary, you can find a nostalgic image with your satchels. Moreover, the satchel bag designs have a touch of contemporary styles. The bright and colorful satchels have become an attractive choice for lots of women in Australia. Even college going girls prefer such satchels as a trendy item with beautiful long straps hanged as slings. They come in different small or medium sizes and can be presented to small girls also as a gift. 

Style of wearing the bag-

Satchels are available with a long shoulder strap, and that is why you can carry the bag on your shoulder. You may also wear it diagonally across your body. The old-style British satchels for school goers had two straps. Thus, users could wear them as their backpacks.

Promotional Satchel Bags

The standard messenger bag includes a cross-body strap that lets you wear it against your body’s lower back. You may pull the bag easily to the front to take your things out of it. The strap length is smaller than that of a satchel. Moreover, there is padding with the strap for your comfort. You can easily distinguish the messenger bags due to their wider designs.

One of the most notable things is that you can customise both messenger bags and satchels. They have become highly valuable promotional gifts. When you are looking for the best corporate gift ideas, you may choose any of these bags. 

There are a number of established suppliers of promotional bags in Australia who offer professional customization services also. Just check for the type of conference satchels Australia or the messenger bags and get them personalized with your brand name. In various corporate events, they can act as one of the most suitable corporate gifts.


Author : Amit Ghia

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