Know About Terry Towels Before Buying One

Apr 04, 2022 08:00

Have you thought of buying cheap towels in bulk? Several hotels, resorts, and companies in the travel sector like to promote their businesses. A towel is one of the useful items for travellers and guests in hotels. That is why you can invest in the best quality towels to draw their attention. However, which towel fabric is the right choice for you? Although there are different options, Terry towels have gained high popularity.

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A brief about the origin of Terry cloth-

An English manufacturer industrially produced Terry cloth in 1850. The term ‘Terry’ has come from ‘tire’ (French word), which indicates the activity of drawing out. Nowadays, towel manufacturers use Terry cloth, a type of woven fabric with a number of loops. It is known for its high water absorption capacity. The quality and length of these loops can make a difference in the absorbency rate of a towel. 100% cotton is used for knitting the Terry cloth. However, in some cases, you can find the presence of polyester.

Terry cloth fabric used for towels is of different types

  • Long loop Terry- Available with the highest absorbency rate.
  • Terry Velour- Bath towels withtextured patterns have Terry Velour
  • Terry towels with a zero-twist and low twist 

Identify the quality of your Terry towels-

GSM is a term used for describing Terry towels. It indicates the thread count for fabrics. It is a number making a difference in the towel's quality and performance. The GSM of cotton bath towels ranges from 300 to 900 GSM. The heavier towels have a higher GSM value and stronger absorbent capacity.

Although heavier towels are softer and more absorbent, it is not easy to wash them. The fibre quality and the weaves are other relevant factors. Towels with a higher GSM value are designed from short-staple cotton. You can easily distinguish the towels based on their qualities.

Reliable brands manufacturing Terry towels strictly maintain the quality control standards. They source the finest quality cotton for weaving and dyeing the Terry towels. 

What are the common uses of Terry towels?

Bath towels– After having a bath, you may like to wrap your body with a soft towel. Terry towels are soft and have a high water absorbency capacity. Terry towels made of cotton are durable and do not cause skin irritation. You can safely use them as your bath towels.

Towels for pets- Your furry friends need to take a bath to maintain hygiene. You can dry the furs of your cats and dogs with the Terry towels. The best fact is that dense weaves of these towels cannot trap the fine furs.

Kitchen towels– You may choose Terry towels for your regular kitchen use. As the Terry fabric has a higher volume, you can easily clean the larger surface of the countertop. Oil, grease, paints, and some other spilled fluids can be wiped with your Terry towels. Restaurant owners who need to buy promotional towels can prefer the Terry cloth. Although the towels have to be cleaned regularly, the fabric will retain durability. Your kitchen cleaning job will become easier using this Terry cloth.

So, you can now buy printed towels Australia and use them for different purposes.

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Some unique characteristics of Terry towels-

Long-lasting fabrics– Hemmed on each of the sides, Terry fabrics are highly resilient. The best Terry towels have well-stitched edges, so they are machine washable. They will last for several years and retain their beauty with proper care. However, you must use pH-neutral detergents to clean the Terry towels.

Colour retention capacity– You may have chosen Terry cloths as your branded promotional products. Your potential customers may have a negative feeling when your towels lose their vibrant and colourful look after a few days. To avoid this risk, you can invest in Terry towels. These high-quality towels do not need frequent replacement.

Dry quickly– Rapid drying is another advantage of using Terry towels. Moisture attracts germs, dust, bacteria, fungi, and several other elements in the air. But, as the Terry cloth can dry up within a short time, there is no risk of bacterial build-ups. That is why you can use them safely without any risk of skin infections.


Author : Amit Ghia

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