Know About The Lids Of Your Drinking Water Bottles

May 30, 2022 08:00

Water bottles are one of the best companions during your long and short trips. You can carry them anywhere to save yourself from feeling thirsty. But, nowadays, bottles are not simply containers to hold water. They are available in a range of styles to attract consumers. From aluminium bottles to insulated stainless steel bottles, there are several options for you. These bottles have become cheap promotional merchandise. However, do you check the lid types while buying bottles?

Manufacturers design lids that fit their drinking water bottles.

Drink Bottles Australia

Bottles with a screw-top lid-

The screw-top lid needs to be removed fully every time you like to drink water from the bottle. Make sure that the lid is durable and includes a handle. Bottles with these screw-top lids have a wide mouth. You may gulp water easily from these bottles. The wide-mouthed models are also best for splashing water over your face and head while you feel hot during a trip.

Look for a bottle that has comparatively large ridges. It will prevent gunk and grimes from sticking in the bottles’ grooves. Most importantly, screw-top lids have a unique interior design to prevent plastics from coming in contact with the liquid. Plastics have chemical substances, which may make the water unhealthy. That is why manufacturers have created this special design. Some cheap drink bottles have this type of lid.

 Water bottles with the sports cap and a nozzle-

The most commonly used water bottles are made of soft materials. It is easy to pull up the lid using your teeth. The nozzle integrated with a bottle works like a small, thick straw.  

One of the pros of this lid design is that water does not splash on your face while you drink it. It also reduces the risk of spills, especially for the nozzle with an automatically closing valve. But, one demerit is that water cannot come out quickly.

The nozzle design attracts dirt and grimes easily. So, your beverage can lose the real flavour, and your water may become smelly. But, you can prevent these problems by cleaning the bottles regularly. Moreover, you must not share the bottles with others. It can increase the risk of contamination. 

Stainless Steel Loop Cap-

Some classic, reusable water bottles have stainless steel loop caps. They have single-wall insulated designs. As there is no plastic in the lids, you will find an eco-friendly solution. The sturdy look is intended to suspend the bottle from any place. Especially stainless steel bottles have this type of caps. But, do not use this lid while carrying hot beverages in your bottle. When the liquid loses heat, the lid becomes hot.

Chug cap for water bottles-

The leak-proof cap is found in almost any insulated bottle. This lid is interchangeable, and thus, you can replace the original cap with a new one. The chug cap lets you drink water directly from your bottle. Due to the wider mouth, the bottle is easily cleanable. The innovative design lets you unscrew the cover of the drinking hole.

Twist cap-

This cap is best for consumers who like to put a straw into the bottle. Moreover, it makes your water bottle leak-proof. You need to twist the cap, drink water, and shut it. Some twist cap bottles are available with an integrated straw. When you close the lid, the straw gets covered to ensure cleanliness. But, you can detach every part at the time of cleaning it. In most cases, an internal stainless steel straw is available with the bottle. However, it is better to avoid storing carbonated and hot drinks in the bottle.

While buying the promotional drink bottles, you can choose the twist-cap design.

Promotional Drink Bottles

Bottles with sports cap and a spout-

Some bottles have caps with a flipping mechanism. The flipping is needed for pulling up the spout to drink water. However, this lid style has fewer crannies and nooks to minimize the risk of grime build-ups. In case of the nozzle-style water bottles, dirt may get stuck in the rubbery folds. However, you will not find the risk with the spout model.

The lid materials for drink bottles Australia are of different types. Make sure that they are free from BPA.


Author : Amit Ghia

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