Know About Various Cap Styles And Features

Jul 04, 2023 08:00

Today, caps have become a popular choice not only for players but also for other individuals. You can find both men and women wearing a cap as one of the fashion accessories. Some of us prefer wearing a cap to get protection from sunrays. Nowadays, designer caps are available in attractive styles. Looking at its widespread use, while you find utility in them, the business owners discover advertisement opportunity with them. That is why, corporate gifting companies also sell these caps, as they are used as one of the best promotional gifts.

Let us now talk about the features of caps 

Table of content

  • Features of baseball caps
  • Features of snapback caps
  • Features of sun cap
  • Features of bucket caps
  • Features of beanie caps
  • Features of golf caps 

Depending on the type of caps, you can notice a difference in their features.

Features of baseball caps

  • A cap with a perfect blend of utility and style
  • The visor to protect your eyes from harmful environment and sunlight
  • The adjustable back strap to ensure an easy and comfortable fit
  • Sturdy and versatile design of the baseball cap 

Baseball caps have two types of crowns- 

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  • The structured ones are stiffer and the interior fabric retains the shape while you crumple the cap.
  • Another option is the unstructured crown with two front panels that have no backing.

Baseball caps are available in a range of styles. We can categorize them based on their profiles. The profile is about the slant of the front section of the cap.

High-profile- The front side remains a straight-up slant, and you can find this design in mostly trucker-style hats.

Mid-profile- The slant is slightly steeper and lots of baseball players prefer this mid-profile cap.

Low-profile- This one has the least steep front side, and you can find it similar to the golf-style caps.

Features of snapback caps

Custom Promotional Caps

  • Traditional snapback caps include a flat, wide brim.
  • Include an 8-panel design with stylish snapbacks
  • The front panel is structured and stiffer to make the design more prominent.
  • Come with a plastic closure
  • Buttons at the back can be snapped

Features of sun cap

  • Protect your face, neck, and head from UV rays.
  • The best sun hat guarantees UPF 50+ protection
  • Made from UPF30 fabric that blocks more than 96% UV rays
  • Include an eyewear grip for those who wear sunglasses
  • Comfortable and lightweight to wear
  • Quick-drying and water-resistant fabric
  • Adjustable buckle and chin strap for a perfect fit. 

Features of bucket caps

custom promotional caps

  • Come with a bell-shaped, round crown sitting comfortably on the head 
  • A downward sloping brim
  • Made from canvas, denim, cotton, and other softer fabrics
  • Loose fitting hats with an adorable and style design
  • Best for dancers, rappers, and fishing lovers
  • Ensure protection from rain, sun, and cold
  • Chin straps to keep the cap intact 

Features of beanie caps

Promotional Beanies

  • Available in different styles- Cuffed, cuffless, novelty, pom-pom, and slouchy
  • Made from cashmere, merino wool, acrylic, cotton
  • Mainly used as the cold-weather accessory
  • Some beanies have a brimmed designed to provide sun protection.

Features of golf caps

  • Worn mainly by golfers while playing the game
  • Made from breathable and lightweight materials
  • Available in different designs and styles
  • A hard brim in the front provides sun protection and retains the cap’s shape
  • Customizable to golfer’s preferences

Where to buy promotional caps?

Promotions247 offers you a huge collection of latest and trending promotional caps suitable for all age groups. These are suitable for regular use as well as for specific sports and can be customized easily with your business logo or company’s name. We excel in offering personalized promotional products including caps in bulk for different industries and corporate events. Just pick any of the designs, get printed with your logo and have them delivered at your doorstep. We deliver products across Australia to locations like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast etc.


A cap is a type of headgear, which blocks sunrays from your eyes. You can buy the caps in bulk and customize them for promotional purposes. Caps are mostly made from knitted and woven fabrics. Choose the type of cap you need and check its features.

Author : Amit Ghia

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