Know The Types Of Drink Bottles Used Commonly For Brand Promotion

Jan 20, 2020 08:00

Marketing is one of the most important aspects for the business. It helps to take your business to zenith. Many new and unique ideas are discovered each day for the promotion purposes. One of the ideas is marketing through promotional products. One of the most popular products among all are the promotional bottles or you can say drink bottles. These promotional bottles become the perfect choice for giveaways during any corporate events. There are numerous kinds of custom drink bottles that can be used when the question comes for promotion. Wholesale water bottles Australia come in different designs, colors and material. The choice for a particular kind of bottle purely depends upon budget, event where you will be gifting, and the type of recipients etc.

Types of water bottles used in promotion

Promotion is one such aspect in business where there can be no scope of mistake left. So whenever you decide to promote the business through Custom Printed Drinkware, it is important that you first know what all options you have got. The various options in water bottles are as follows

Custom Drink Bottles

  1. Metal water Bottles:

Metal water bottles come both in aluminium and stainless steel. Though one material can be better than other, but as far as promotion is concerned both materials have same level of appeal. These bottles also have the longest life span of all, so many companies and brands use it for promotion. The only disadvantage here is that they dent once they fall.  Wholesale water bottles Australia are the best gifts for general promotion, marriage and anniversary parties or any grand opening.

  1. Plastic sports bottle:

These are the least expensive options of all in water bottles. These can be used in any charitable or noble cause. They are the use and throw kinds of bottles. But since they are not good for Mother Earth and even government banning them it is better to avoid these bottles as promotional gifts. Further it may also negatively impact your promotion strategy.

  1. Acrylic Tumbler:

These are the tumblers used in travelling or coffee mugs. They come in bright and variant colors. These are the perfect tumblers to hold your water. Since they have dual wall insulation, the water can stay cool for a longer period of time. Many acrylic tumblers also have straws which prevents the spilling. They cannot be used to store hot liquids. You can give them as promotional gifts to employees as rewards or for general promotion.

  1. Polycarbonate bottles:

Almost all polycarbonate bottles have screw off lid. These also have plastic but it is harder and inflexible as compared to sports bottles. These bottles are good as they don’t shatter or dent and even puncture. They are best for athletic events.  They can be used in fitness events, tradeshows and given to athletic teams.

  1. Glass drink bottles:

Well, these are definitely fragile in nature but the classy look they give is incomparable. Most importantly, when a plain glass bottle gets customized with your brand name in any attractive font, then the impression it creates takes your brand to a different level. However, glass drink bottles also come in various colors like yellow, sea green, sky blue and others. They are just the perfect item to use to drinking or carrying juices and other colored beverages. Their lid can be ring tight caps or slide-on to allow sipping of the drink conveniently. The milky white color also looks quite decent and makes a perfect item as custom drink bottles.

  1. Translucent drink bottles:

Well, they look like glass but are not glass actually. They are made up of a material called Tritan which is a BPA free product and can be easily recycled. They are also shatterproof and odour resistant. When you choose this item as a promotional gift, you surely are making an environment-friendly choice that has a classy appeal. These bottles come with stainless steel cap and base which are easy to maintain and clean.

Wholesale Water Bottles Australia

  1. Notebook water bottle:

This is one of the most creative addition to the collection of water bottles. They are not only innovative in design, but also in their usage, storage and carriage. These bottles are trending high these days as a custom printed drinkware among corporates and other business owners. Not only for employees, and clients, but also for children, these bottles are in high demand. They easily fit inside a college bag, hand bag, laptop bag or a travel bag occupying very less space. Their make in sleek rectangular shape gives them a look of notebook and are preferred by many to carry while travelling or while in the office. The collection includes plain color notebooks as well as designer bottles with theme printing. However, for corporate events, they are always good with the design of your company’s logo. 

These are some of the custom drink bottles that can be used for promotion, however this is not the end of the list. When you visit an online site for promotional drink bottles, you would discover a lot more funky styles and designs as well as some elite items. From multi-color bottles in the same design to single color or metallic color bottles, you can make a selection as per the type of your recipients. Even on your employee day function, you can go with a customized bottle to be presented to the kids attending the program. There are many more occasions, almost every occasion, where presenting drink bottles is just the suitable activity to do. It is one of the highly useful items which makes sure that your gift would be used to give visibility to your brand name.


Author : Amit Ghia

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