Marriage And Promotional Pens Have More In Common Than You Think

Apr 27, 2020 08:00

A few disregards the importance of wholesale promotional pens which people casually use for writing their wish list before finally committing for marriage. Learn the implications.

Marriage is on cards. It is time for couples to decide on how life should be. Couples engage in lively conversation before they finally commit an abiding relationship. It happens like that when they know very well that differences of opinion will crop up at some point in time, therefore, tell the expectations beforehand.

Yes, in one sense it is true. May be due to religious inhibitions, at least during the initial period of dating or love, one thingthey expect is a durable relationship. Wise people think in this way. The question of insecurity will be a threat to all who are loners. Even the most stout-hearted who may be a muscle man or a macho woman can also face situations like meeting accidents or falling sick. During that time, it is natural for everyone to think it is better that someone will standby them during times of crisis or till he or she will get well.

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Such excruciating paths prompt people to stand for a committed relationship, not use and throw ones to mutually love, care, and help so that one lives with the least problems.

Well, the idea sounds good. And that is conventional wisdom where the majority of the people opt marriage against being single because it is also a question about the future where we lose our strength as years pass by and the friends who were with us once will disappear from the scene due to host of reasons like marriage, career, and the worst-case death due to sudden illness or accidents. So there is a need for precaution.

Due to these stronger reasons, it is a value or norm where parents teach their children about the importance of marriage and that is why sensible ones look for abiding relationships. At this juncture, some will be too serious about telling their partner about their expectations loud and clear.

Telling loudly stands for expectations like rearing children an important responsibility. In case one has a feeling that he or she doesn’t need children then the very idea of a committed relationship can be called off. If this is the case there should be clarity in opinion and there should be documentation so that one should not change his or her mind at a later stage. Herein comes the importance of writing down certain things with the printed promotional pen you received from your company during the last annual day.

For many who have aspirations about marriage may not consider what marriage and promotional pens Australia have in common. But if we take a closer look, there is a link, you may call it visible or invisible one which you can trace out if you remember the past events like a flashback one by one. For example, you gave a note, a handwritten one as an autograph or a greeting card during an occasion with a message of love, an expectation for abiding friendship and beyond.

Think once again, you will find an interesting thing. The pen you used to write the message you received from a friend who passed on to you telling she received it from her company as custom corporate gifts. And you used the same to write an inscription to him or her.

Now you got your missing link and you will understand the importance of the covenant you are going to make or in some other’s case already made to formalise the union. Some may be thinking that what is the need for a union as one can live with the other like friends.

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A good idea, but don’t you know by this time, how often the friends became foes or showed their true colours when you made certain achievement or you suddenly become down and out so that they left you. The ones who underwent such painful paths know or understand how fragile is the friendship or how to mean is the mindset of people who show their true colours when situation changes or circumstances forcing them to behave differently. Sometimes it will be you who turn against your best friend due to changing worldviews or a simple reason like your friend turned down your request formoney in a need.

Herein comes the importance of making a covenant as friendship is different from a covenantal union like a marriage where there is the fear of the societal norm or fear of God involved. Once you come to that understanding you must create a wish list and also the extent of sacrifice you can or cannot make. For example, if you feel during certain times you need privacy for 12 hours together where you should not be disturbed and that time you will shut up in a room either for sleeping or reading books, the partner should tell clearly whether he or she is willing to do that.

Then the question comes if not willing, then whittle it down to six hours or privacy. Still, the partner is unwilling, cancel the relationship. Put it in writing with the promotional plastic pen you have received from your shop you regularly visit.

We don’t know due to what reason one person asked for 12 hours of private time. One reason can be probably due to prolonged night shift work the man or woman might have developed some kind of tiredness so that he or she doesn’t want to be disturbed for twice a week for 12 hours continuously. By logic, it is a sensible request and if the partner is unwilling to do so then it is better to cancel the union as the one who feels the tiredness knows the importance of taking rest for a duration like 12 hours to set right the body to work.

Now think again, had he or she not made a written clause, there is every chance to break the clause because what we speak orally may not work or remembered. At this stage, what is written is documented and with proof where one cannot escape telling ‘I was not aware of it’. Here we have to accept that marriage and promotional pens have more in common than you think and it is all about the covenant they made in writing. Go for it.



Author : Amit Ghia

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