Messenger Satchels

Mar 08, 2018 08:00

Ride your favorite bicycle with cool messenger satchels

The modifications of different bags have taken a turn in the forms of messenger bags. Many of you would wonder what exactly a messenger bag is. It is basically in the form of a sack, made out of a different kind of cloth. It is worn over the shoulder along with a strap which goes across the chest resting bag on the lower back. Messenger bags or messenger satchels are mostly used by the couriers, used as a fashion statement in the cities.

Satchels are a bag which can be worn with a thin strip. It is worn diagonally, so it crosses the body and bag hanging from the opposite side of the hip other than directly the bag hanging down the shoulder. When the messenger bags are smaller, it is called satchels.

How is the bag useful?

  • It is comforting for the people carrying bulky and heavy items, with easy access to the contents.
  • These bags are perfect for the people those who are into cycling, as the strips are safely secured.
  • The shoulder straps are easy to adjust, and it also has release buckles, adjustable buckles. It can have attached to various accessories such as phone hoisters or U locks or lights.
  • There are stabilizing straps which prevent it from slinging and falling off. By just taking the bags, swinging it front the contents of the bag can be very easily accessed.
  • Messenger satchels are a fashion accessory and are unisex so can be used by both the genders. It is best as it can be used to buy bulky material which does not fit into the pocket.
  • It has become very common for the cyclists and commuters. It is very useful for college, and high school people carry heavy books.

Messenger satchels are very much used as marketing skills. Compared to other backpacks it is easier to remove textbooks, essays, notebooks and other supplies from messenger satchels.

How is it made?

Such materials of the bag are more durable and also water resistant than the other over the shoulder bags. Contemporary bags use canvas and tarp shielding the inside waterproof lining. Other materials are a vinyl waterproof tarp, ballistic nylon which is used for making the waterproof messenger satchels. The liner makes a good support system for the bags which prevents it from falling over itself.

These bags have been real popular and used by good and mails including the Pony Express riders, postal workers, and messengers. In Oxford and Cambridge, the design is different with the satchels which open and has a front flap. It can be worn as a small backpack with two thin strips. It looks great with the materials to use as leather. It lasts pretty long also.

They are available online at a very minimal rate. In case if you are organizing an event, you can give it away messenger satchels.  There are various designs you might find, and you have the option to choose your design from it.



Author : Amit Ghia

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