Metal Pens Versus Plastic Pens- Which Are Better For Branding?

May 13, 2021 08:00

Pens are one of the cost-effective corporate gifts to promote your organization. They have been used for advertisement for ages and still own the centre stage in the list of affordable product marketing options. And why not? As pens are useful every day for different purposes, you will get value from investing in pens with company logo. No matter who is your target audience, you can rest assured that they would be used by the recipient for sure. From men, women, to kids, students, housewives or travellers, a pen is there in every pocket and handbag. Once your present such an item carrying your brand name, they would be used by the person giving visibility to your brand to many others around the user. But how will you choose the right pen for your advertising event?

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Surely, the ink of the pens is the most important factor to decide on the right gift. Another factor to be considered is the cost of the pen or your budget. However, the pen design and the materials used for constructing it are also relevant for buyers. They also impact the cost a lot. So the two main materials used for pens are metals and plastics. Of course, the plastic ones are cheaper but, the question is-

Should you choose metal pens or plastic pens for your branding campaign?How would you take this decision? Check out these factors to make your decision.

Occasion and the recipient of the pens-

This is crucial. The choice of the pen would also depend on the person who would be receiving it. If your target audience is huge and you need to bulk promotional pens in bulk, then going with a cheaper option of plastic pens is suggested. However, if you would be using them occasionally to present to your esteemed clients or special guests then, selecting a metallic pen with engraved brand logo or screen-printed business logo is the best move. They also come in a set of two within a case which can further be customized. So, select the pen based on your audience.

Differences in cost-

Metal pens cost higher than that of plastic pens. Thus, small companies and start-ups having a low budget like to stick to the plastic pens. When you think of offering pens only to your employees for writing purposes, you can choose plastic models.

On the contrary, cost is not the biggest concern for several companies. In that case, you can invest in high quality metal pens as the best promotional gifts. These metal pens will last long and will be the keepsake for recipients.  The printed metal pens will spread your brand name for several years.

Know the purpose of buying the pen-

What is your intention to buy bulk pens Australia? You may have thought of grabbing the attention of business partners and clients. To develop a positive brand image, you can choose premium quality metal pens. Buy 50 to 100 custom-printed metal pens to reach your goal.

On the contrary, some retail outlets and small businesses like to offer pens to their customers as free gifts. They may need to invest in more than 5000 pens for the promotional campaign. In this situation, they can choose the low-priced plastic pens. They will have no risk to the prestige of their businesses.

Eco-friendliness of the pens-

Companies, looking for promotional pens cheap, prefer the plastic ones. However, you know the latest trend of using eco-friendly products for corporate gifts, and thus, metal pens are the better alternatives.However, you would also find wooden pens and bamboo pens these days which look amazing and communicate the message of eco-friendliness.

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A galore of choices in promotional pens

Both plastic and metal pens are available in a range of colors and styles. But, when you go for metal pens, you have a chance to choose the type of metal-

  • Aluminium pens-

The beginner-friendly, lightweight aluminium pens with protective finish are affordable.  As there is a risk of scratches, the quality finish prevents it.

  • Copper and brass pens-

When you are looking pens with a vintage touch, you can choose these metal pens. However, they are heavier metals and you may find pens slightly larger. Copper and brass pens may start getting darkened with regular use. However, you can restore the lustre by polishing them.

  • Steel pens-

The best metal pens are ones with a steel structure. They have highly a durable, low-maintenance design. You can maintain your professional image by offering steel pens to your customers. Thus, find the right steel pens for your branding campaign.

  • Titanium pens-

Although they are the costliest ones, titanium pens are harder and scratch-resistant. The unfinished titanium pens are available in grey color. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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