Microfibre Towels- How Do You Test The Quality?

Apr 21, 2022 08:00

Microfibre towels are quite in buzz these days. People buy them for their daily use as well as buy in bulk for corporate gifting or branding needs. Only a little customization can suffice your purpose. Have you also invested in custom gym towels or microfibre towels in bulk? However, you might have confusion about the quality of towels. Interestingly, several buyers do not know that there is a difference in the quality of microfibre towels. GSM and a few other factors are the major reasons behind it. 

Sports Cooling Towel

You need to focus on some aspects like-

  • The ability of the microfibre to dry quickly
  • The potential to pick dust and dirt
  • The durability of the towel

There are ways to test your microfibre towels. However, as some microfibre towels have special woven techniques, you need to test them uniquely. 

Microfibre towels have a perfect blend of polyamide and polyester. While checking microfibre towel quality, it is essential to ensure that the ratio of polyester to polyamide is 80/20. But, 70/30 ratio is also good for microfibre towels.

Does the towel have a high absorbent capacity?

You need a water test to detect this fact. Microfibre is better than cotton in terms of absorbing potential. There is a difference in the way of creating microfibre towels. The premium quality towel cleans up and absorbs spills efficiently. The best sports cooling towel has a high absorbing capacity. 

So, how do you check the absorbency level with a water test?

  • Pour some water on any smooth surface
  • Let your microfibre towel clean the surface and slide it slowly toward the water
  • Wait and see how the microfibre towel responds to water. Is it able to suck up the water easily? 

A towel pushing the spills away is not highly absorbent. Thus, you need a towel capable of sucking a good amount of water wicking it properly is the right choice.

However, there are several controversies about the blend of fibres used for these towels. But, it is better to avoid buying microfibre towels made from 100% polyester.

Grab the towel tightly for the touch test-

Can you grip the towel firmly? The best ones easily pick up the dust and dirt. So, the cloth of the towel must be soft to ensure that it will not scratch the surface. You may clean the delicate surface using a microfibre towel.

Towels made from split microfibre are a perfect choice. The special splitting process leaves a space for which the towel can pick up grimes and absorb fluid.

The absence of this split prevents the towel from cleaning the surface effectively. Moreover, the size of every fibre is another important factor making a difference. The smaller fibre ensures that it has a higher capacity to pick up dirt.

Denier is the unit for measuring the diameter of every fibre. The diameter of your microfibre should not be higher than 1 Denier or 10 micrometres.

High-quality microfibre towels with a Denier of below 0.5 are best for cleaning purposes. They are capable of attracting different microbes, bacteria, and germs.

So, when you buy a microfibre gym towel, you have to check this characteristic. 

Custom Gym Towels

Are microfibre towels long-lasting?

Properly maintained microfibre towels can last for years. You can test the microfibre towel’s thickness in a range of ways. 

Using your GSM scale, you can weigh your microfibre towel. The minimum GSM for a microfibre towel is 250. The higher weight of the towel indicates the presence of more microfibres. You can use it for different purposes. While buying the microfibre towel, you can check the GSM details.

Another option for you is the sunlight test. You need to place the towel under the sun and stretch it. Does the towel get stretched easily? Then, it does not indicate the best quality. While stretching the cloth, you can see the sun.

The edges of a towel must be properly sewn to prevent fraying issues.

So, you have now understood the way of testing towels. Microfibre towels have become one of the cheap promotional giveaways for different companies. You may buy white towels to customise them with your brand name and other details. These towels are available in several other colours and sizes. With durable towels, you will gain the attention of your potential customers. As towels are useful in everyday lives, you can invest in them for a marketing campaign of your business.

Find high-quality microfibre towels in different sizes under one roof and place an order as per your choice. We are a reputed supplier of promotional towels across Australia to locations like Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and other places. You can also select your piece and get customization ideas from our expert team. Check the features, compare the cost and order now!

Author : Amit Ghia

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