Most Bizarre And Weird Mug Designs You Ever Saw

Oct 12, 2020 08:00

Almost everyone likes to have a sip of hot coffee or tasty beverage in the early morning. Maybe, you get a good feel when you have your favourite drink from a mug or cup. But, what if your mug looks odd, unique and weird? Some of us choose colorful and personalised coffee travel mugs as the best gifts on special occasions. However, with the ever-changing fashion in the modern world, we have found lots of twists in the coffee mug shapes. Especially when it is bought for the purpose of gifting, we don’t think twice in choosing a unique design. Experimenting with some rare designs and patterns goes well with coffee mugs. Not only this, the promotional travel mugs chosen by the marketers and advertisers are many times unique. It is done so to ensure that the mug gets noticed by all. Going ahead with such mugs leaves a lasting brand impression. People remember the mugs and recalls the brand printed on it.

Now, let us introduce you to some unusual mugs designs that can capture one’s attention. The choice of coffee mugs will surely reflect your personality.

Mug shapes representing a panda-

Do you love those black-and-white furry animals, known as a panda? You can find the cute face of the panda as a unique model of your coffee mug. Whether you love milk, tea, or coffee, you can enjoy your drink with this panda mug. Start your day with a big smile while having your drink from this cup. Such cups with a lid make them perfect to be used as a travel mug by the kids. Remember, kids will finish the beverage inside, if you present to them in an attractive manner. So for bulk gifting needs, such customized panda coffee mugs are a popular choice.

personalized coffee travel mugs

Mugs shaped as your computer keys-

Imagine the shape of every key of your keyboard. How would they appear when they are slightly bigger? Just turn that bigger model upside down, and it will hold some drinks. Obviously, it is one of the most creative designs of coffee mugs. A special go-for-it item among the tech-savvy people who look for technology gifts. Thought this kind of mug is not a technology gift, it gives the same feeling and welcomed with open hands by the recipients. Also, it is a chosen bulk gift among corporate organizations during various gifting events.

When you have thought of ordering promotional travel mugs for your customers, you may look for this model or any other strange design.

Mugs with a hidden message-

Most of us try to find creativity in the mug. However, there are ways of making the mugs distinctive at the time of personalisation. Usually, we print our brand name and promotional message on the body of the mug. Our target is to make the message visible to the mug user. But, to be innovative with your printed travel mugs, you can let your message displayed in the bottom of the interior side. It may hide the printed message. Still the user will feel different while he finds it after taking the last drop of his drink.

Adorable emoji cups-

Due to the increasing use of social media, emojis are now popular to us. Emojis represent every emotion. So, for gifting to your loved ones, you can go with any emoji that expresses your feeling. For bulk mugs bought for kids, kitty parties, new year, any festival, you can find a variety of emoji mugs suitable for that particular occasion. How do you feel when your travel mug shape is itself a big emoji? These are funny looking mugs moulded in a special technique.

For instance, an emoji mug can be a brown/yellow model with big eyes, cute feet, and two hugging hands. You will naturally get inspired to drink your tea and coffee from this mug. You can buy such a pair of mugs for gifting any couple. In corporate events, such presents are offered to the families participating in the event.

wholesale travel mugs

Mugs with hidden funny elements-

We have already talked about mugs with hidden message. However, there are also mugs with a hidden element. This properly moulded funny element can be a creature, like lobster or any other thing. The surface of these mugs is plain and simple to let you print a personalised message. But when gifting to someone, they would generate a lot of curiosity for the recipient to open it up and get amazed looking at the surprise element kept inside. This is really something weird about a mug that makes it special.

Thus, buy wholesale travel mugs and customise them in your own way. As you present these mugs to someone, he/she will feel thankful. Your mugs will be a memorable gift to recipients.

Author : Amit Ghia

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