Must-Have Features That Make Your Backpack More Functional

Jan 07, 2021 08:00

Backpacks have become a must to have time for many who commute on a daily basis or who are a traveller by choice or profession. This has made manufacturing of backpacks in more innovative designs and styles. Not only the fabric, but there are many other features which must be checked before buying a backpack to get the best out of your investment. Especially in custom backpacks Australia, you can have a lot of interesting features to make them special. When such bags are offered as gifts, they are like dby all and yield multi-fold benefits.

Have you thought of choosing custom backpacks for your employees and customers? Promotional backpacks with a spacious design will give a high value to every user. However, how do you know that you have invested in quality backpacks? It is important to check every part of your backpack to choose a quality product for your marketing campaign. Yes, it is! So, here are some things to look on before placing any order for bulk custom backpacks.

Custom Backpacks Australia

Pockets in the upper compartment-

The top pocket is easily accessible, and you can use it for storing your books, sunscreens, maps, sunglasses, and other small things. Inside the top compartment, there is another pocket where you can store your camera, batteries, and headlamps. Presence of these features makes the use of bags more frequent and preferred. What else do you need? When you are using such bag to promote your brand, their high usability matters so, try to have this feature.

Load adjuster and contorted shoulder straps-

The best backpacks have special straps to adjust the load to your body parts. You can tighten and loosen them to fit your backpack to your body. Custom backpacks Australia should also have the contoured shoulder straps with padding to manage the load. These straps should be adjustable to match the height of the person carrying the bag. Not only this, the buckle of the strap should be of good quality to allow easy adjustments.

Stabilizer strap-

It helps in connecting the backpack body to your hip belts. You can easily adjust the backpack load to your hips. When your bags are heavy, you must look for this feature as it will not give you any back pain or lower waist pain. For long travelling needs or trekking, such bags with hip belt should be preferred.

Compression strap-

Although trekkers do not like to use this strap, it is useful to keep their stuff together. Moreover, the strap helps in maintaining the backpack shape while you are engaged in the trekking activity. When the backpack is out of shape, it may be risky to trekkers. For promotional needs, if you are offering this product to your people who travel, try to get compression strap especially customized in the bags.

Lumber pad-

When you need to carry your heavy backpack for long hours, you may find your spine bending naturally. To keep the spine straight, you can choose a backpack with lumber pads. This spongy part will give you the ultimate comfort without bringing you closer to any postural issue or health issues.

Ventilation system-

A mesh-like part ensures a proper ventilation, and your back will have no sweat for carrying backpacks. The mesh back helps in the proper air circulation. Most of the bags usually have this feature, however you must check this while buying bags online.

Hydration pouch-

You can find it in the mid-section of your backpack. When you need to store some items for hydration, you may use this pouch. This makes your bag more useful.

Cheap Backpacks

Rain cover-

A quality backpack always has a rain cover, fitted to the interior side of the pouch. You can slide it easily over the backpack. This ensures safety of your bag and the things kept inside while you are outdoors to changing weather conditions.

Accessories pouch-

You can store water bottles and other small accessories in this pouch. Most of the users store their personal hydration packs and wrappers in this pouch. 

Lockable zippers-

Office goers and other commuters may need to carry valuable items in their backpacks. Thus, as they like to keep their things secure, your backpacks must have zippers. Your belongings will be safe in the backpack.

Laptop sleeve-

Although you may have chosen cheap backpacks, they must have a special sleeve to carry laptop. Backpacks are the best options to carry the laptop. Laptop sleeves with a cushion prevent damage to your gadget.

Backpacks are one of the highly useful promotional products cheap. You can buy a number of backpacks and customise them with your brand name. However, make sure that your backpacks have essential features to make them more functional. You can target outdoors men, students, commuters, and beach-goers by providing quality backpacks with a personalized design.

Author : Amit Ghia

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