My Life, My Job, My Career: How a Simple Cooler Bag Helped Me Succee

Apr 23, 2020 08:00

Health, life, and career hinges on home food. And a simple cooler bag will help you realise it.

If someone comes with a question to you asking, are you interested in failures, then your answer will be ‘no’ as most of us view failures as costly? How it becomes costly? We have put a lot of efforts to do a particular thing and when we won’t get a result, we turn despond. It is natural for us to think as we are humans.

When failures stare

Imagine a scenario you are on a workout. Four years ago, you were a pretty woman, a heartthrob of many young men who pass lewd comments when they see you pass by. Although you express your outright anger through your actions, facial expressions you liked one thing that they were all your admirers. But a few years have passed and you began to put on weight and lost your old charm. Now you find the belly is bulging. Initially, you bore that but when you noticed those who once admired and tried to get a glimpse of you are no longer minding you. They simply ignore you. You are shocked now.

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Losing confidence!

At that time, you realised the danger and began workouts. You tried running a half kilometre and stopped eating lunch which means not even taking your wholesale cooler bag in Australia because you had only one goal – somehow reduce the weight. You tried but not becoming successful in the beginning. When we study this case considering your life as precious and there is no point in living with this bulging belly that is showing no sign of reducing. Herein comes the relevance of the staring reality, my life, my career at stake as you lose your confidence and positive attitude.

Getting results not easy

Let us come back about the state called failure. In the case of the weight gained woman, it is all about her efforts. She ran half kilometres a day, which is not an easy task for many. For example, how many people we see everyday running. You can count them and you don’t find people running en masse because people are lazy by nature and running makes one tired and gasping for breath. Only the disciplined ones do acts like running and they are a few.

The second issue here is the effort like sacrificing a meal. In a normal scenario, we don’t do that as we are lovers of food. Even if we tend to avoid for some particular reason, when we go out and see fast food centres selling our choicest delicacies, we lose our control and make a beeline before the food outlet to consume a few morsels of food. We may even take one item parcel also in the cooler bag wholesale we carry in our hands.

So, the point of the matter here is we turn sour when our efforts go in vain. And a goal like weight loss is easier said than done and only people with an iron will and discipline achieve the same. That is an altogether different matter.

Now our topic of discussion is how simple promotional cooler bags helped me succeed. I want to give an account on that.

An instance of how my life saved

I remember the day when the company wanted to celebrate their 20 years of success in the field of selling holiday packages in Australia and New Zealand. The company was in its peak of achievement and the reason I tell is that due to recession and lockdown I wonder my former company cannot achieve that feat in today’s context. It was a day of cheer and the company offered beer to everyone. To my surprise, they offered unique corporate gifts also to their workers. And I was fortunate enough to get a cooler bag, very cute one indeed.

I was wondering how I am going to use this as I used to eat out normally,the reason I love food served hot. But at the same time, I had to accept that I spent a lot of money having lunch outside. I thought of giving the cooler bag to my spouse in the beginning. Then I found a few of my colleagues approaching me to exchange my gift with theirs. When I was about the part it a friend of mine just called me to tell an important thing. I went to him and he told me not to part it but ensure I make a practice that I bring lunch in it. I listened to him and told my friends I am not exchanging my gift to them.

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As I went home, I discussed this with my spouse and decided to take lunch to the office. The hurriedly cooked vegetables and bread toast I took office in the cooler bags and found them fresh and aromatic. Thenceforth, I hardly ate lunch outside. Two months have passed and I found I was able to save a lot of money and it helped me to clear all my debts. I felt my life is saved, as I am free of debts.

My career saved

Again three months have passed and I looked at one thing. My belly size is reduced from 39’’ to 34’’. It was a surprise for me. Later I realised home-cooked food is safe for the stomach. I also realised my gas problem rectified due to home food consumption. It saved my health as well as money spent on meds. At that time, I felt my health is saved resulting in abundant energy to pursue my career goals. Yes, I found my career saved.

Finally, my job saved

There was a time I had a fear that I will lose my job due to fewer projects. I told my company to try with cheap cooler bags wholesale as a promotion to their best customers who give projects. Our CEO listened to my suggestion and bought premium cooler bags for all those who give a contract to our company. Sooner than that it clicked. Seven out of ten responded thanks to the good gesture of our company as their honchos were highly impressed by the premium cooler bags they received from us. They gave us projects and I found, at last, my job was also saved.

Put it simply; I can confidently tell simple cooler bags helped me succeed. Me yesterday, you today. Try out now with corporate gifts.

Author : Amit Ghia

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