Never Buy Laptop Bags With These Cheap Features

Jun 03, 2021 08:00

Contemporary users cannot live without their favourite gadget- laptops. They are convenient to carry and get the job done easily and quickly. Such a delicate and prized possession should be handled with extreme care. Thus, its carrier bag should be such to protect it against all kinds of damages. However, while purchasing the same, customers tend to buy cheap laptop bags Australia that aren’t up to the standard quality. Such bags either result in damage of the bag or require re-investment causing lot of money loss for you.

Many businesses also choose customized laptop bags to present to their employees as a giveaway. However, a cheap or low quality bag can not only result in poor return on the investment but also spoils the reputation of the brand. So, before making any such decision, it is needed to go only for high-quality custom laptop bags in your budget to fetch the maximum benefits.

Custom Laptop Bags

In this article, we will share all the details you need to know beforehand to avoid making such mistakes. So, never buy bags with the below features as they will make you only repent at the end.

Poor Fabric Quality

To save on the cost, laptop carry bag manufacturers tend to used cheap and poor material for fabric. Though it is priced lower than the regular decent quality bags, they quickly run out and might accidentally tear down while you are on commute. This could damage and break the laptop. Other than this, these fabrics do not provide the required support to the gadget that it requires. Also, usually the laptop bags should have waterproof material to prevent any damage to the system during outdoor use or in case of any spillage of water. You must look for strong nylon, canvas, or polyester bag if looking for long-lasting and waterproof laptop bag. 

Non-Padded Straps

Non-padded custom laptop bags save on the cost for the manufacturers for the padding, however lack the comfort and convenience of the user. These straps lead to pain in the shoulders or hands when carried for long hours. Other than this, it reduces the sturdiness and might break off easily someday when in use. Such bags also hang down easily and become very inconvenient for the carrier. Padded straps come with buckles by which you can increase or decrease the length of the strap as per your convenience.

Bags with no additional pouches

Everyone wants a bag that is functional and serves more than one purpose. In today’s times when the usability of each product is amplified, and bag manufacturers are thinking to provide customer satisfaction by adding multiple pockets and accessories to the bag. A laptop bag without any such additional storage pouches may save few bucks but compromises on the versatility of the product a lot. This will result in inconvenience and frustration with the laptop bag in long run. 

Poor-quality handles

Laptop carry bag that comes in suitcase or briefcase style rely mostly on the handles for carriage. They look descent for professional use only if the handles are strong enough to accommodate the device, are soft to the hands and of high quality. So, you can ask about the handle quality especially to the seller. If buying from any online seller of promotional products, then you must check the catalogue in details or talk to the vendor specifically.

Un-customizable Bags

There are various cheap fabrics in the market from which the bags can be manufactured. Among these certain fabrics aren’t customizable. These either feature flashy prints or the fabric isn’t fit for printing. Various vendors offer custom printing online on such laptop bags, however, the quality and design of the print are compromised upon due to the use of cheap dyes, printing techniques, and fabrics. One should always refrain from such vendors, as they are easy on the pocket for once but brings down the branding purpose completely. 

Cheap Laptop Bags Australia

We have mentioned all the possible wrong lucrative traps you can get stuck into, so you can avoid making these mistakes. Your gadget deserves ultimate care and protection and a good quality laptop bag that is made using good quality fabric, has strong padded handles, is easy to customize, and offers multiple space and pockets should be invested in. It is something that you don’t buy again and again. Thus it is important to invest in a bag that will protect your laptop for several years to come. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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