Never Do These 5 Mistakes While Packing Lunch

Nov 29, 2021 08:00

Due to the hustle and bustle every morning, several office goers have grown an unhealthy habit of skipping their meals. But, lack of nutrition can affect their health and reduce their productivity. The best option is to pack the lunch in a lunch box and carry it to the office. Relying on outside food is not good always. Though many people prefer home food at workplace, they do not carry them always because they don’t find the food fresh by the time of consuming them. Also, if you are a regular user of lunch boxes, packing them properly matters a lot for its hygiene and freshness.

Nowadays, many companies choose lunch bags as the unique promotional giveaways. They are of various qualities. However, you must take a few precautionary measures to pack them properly. Avoiding the common packing mistakes while packing the lunch will keep your food fresh for long time. Check these common mistakes and try to avoid them.

Branded Lunch Bags

Temperature not controlled-

You do not like to eat cold curries in your lunch. You may have cooked the food at your home. But, when you start eating it during the lunchtime at your office, it is no longer hot. The delicious meals can lose the taste when the temperature is not maintained. You may not always get a chance of reheating your foods at your office. Thus, the best option is to invest in the insulated lunch bag wholesale. They will retain the temperature of your food as you pack them.

The insulated design of the bag helps in controlling the temperature of the food. Your cold water will also retain the right temperature on the summer days. Therefore, select the right bag for packing your everyday office tiffin. So, keep the food inside the bag at a temperature you would like to have them. A good quality insulated lunch box will keep your food at the same temperature for as long as 7 to 8 hours.

Packing lots of foods for lunch-

After skipping your breakfast, you might think of balancing it by eating more foods during the lunchtime. However, it is one of the mistakes which can affect your health. In fact, it is not healthy to take large portions at a time. Thus, you can avoid overstuffing your lunch box. The best alternative is to pack smaller amounts of different types of foods. Have small pouches of salads, cut fruits and proper meal packed appropriately in respective bags. While meals can be packed in proper lunch box, salads and fruits can be packed in food grade plastic box or disposable pouch. You would plenty of such options in online stores that you can buy in bulk for your regular use.

Same packing for gravy items

You might also do a mistake if you do not keep liquid or gravy items in separate air tighter boxes. They will spill and spoil all other items of your meal. Use plastic pouches or boxes for them. You can also separate the other items by folding them in aluminium foil or food papers.

Veggies not included-

Almost all office goers get very limited time to cook food for office lunch. They do not include different green vegetables in their meals. As it continues regularly, it can affect their health. Thus, take some time to pack your lunch carriers with properly cooked vegetables. You will feel good and maintain your health. Pack the right foods into your branded lunch bags.

Custom Lunch Bag Printing

No control over soggy foods-

You need to work for hours before taking your lunch. Lots of unpleasant things may happen before your lunch time: Your apple juice may start leaking over your pretzels, and the jelly can cause a mess to your bread. Fruits may also become mushy. There are some ways of preventing these issues.

  • Take a clean towel for wrapping the cold items. It will help in absorbing the moisture.
  • Smear nut butter on both pieces of bread before the jelly
  • Spread some butter under mayonnaise on your sandwiches. It will create a barrier.
  • Dry and wet foods must be in separate compartments. You may choose silicone cups for separating them.

Choosing brown bags-

It is another big mistake, as brown paper bags are not good for carrying your water bottle and any chilled content. That is why you can use a specially designed lunch bag for your everyday needs. There are reliable stores offering custom lunch bag printing solutions.

Find wide variety of lunch boxes in different shapes, sizes, features and designs and get them customized with your business logo. Present these boxes as a corporate gift in various events and earn the goodwill of your employees. Select your design and place an order now for doorstep delivery across Australia.

Author : Amit Ghia

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