Pens: The Classy Gift For Promotions

Aug 26, 2019 08:00

Every entrepreneur must remain aware of the immense promotional power of the modern pen. These nifty little writing instruments can work as wonderful brand ambassadors and carry a brand (or corporate logo) into the pockets of millions of customers. Business owners that want to drive awareness of their products or services must realize a pen is still the preferred writing tool, as also a crowd-pleasing promotional item that retains mass relevance in our increasingly digital and technology-driven age.

Choosing Promotional Pens: The best tip

Based on various factors, a business operator should choose a pen that reflects brand identity. Color is important here, but operators must also consider the shape of the pen in combination with the logo. For example, buyers can order wholesale promotional pens online Australia and choose a round logo with a lot of text; but this is not suitable for a thin pen with a small printing area. Business operators gain an advantage when they make several printings on the pen to complement the logo with a special message (or a web address). These factors, when borne in mind, help businesses to make the best choice in designing the perfect promotional pen.

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Superb Traction: Cost effective approach

Business operators can choose to buy bulk branded promotional pens Australia because the pen is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a business enterprise. The facts and figures of the promotional product industry indicate that writing instruments offer among the lowest cost per impression of any promotional product. Additionally, an estimated 68% of consumers would pick a pen as a promotional product over other products. Further, brand gurus who buy bulk branded promotional pens Australia over 79% consumers say writing instruments rank among the most useful promotional products in the modern world.

How to use pens for promotions?

Not only buying but using the pens appropriately is also important to derive results. You can use the pens at various occasions wisely to make it look prominent flaunting your brand on it. Here are a few interesting ways you can use the pens for promotion of a brand.

1. Keep Pens on Display

Bulk buyers that wish to buy bulk branded promotional pens Australia can position a small bucket of branded pens on display at their store or office. This tactic offers a fine opportunity for customers to try a pen and take it away as a business promotional item. Observers of human behaviour note this tactic also encourages customers to interact with the business at a deeper level, thereby ensuring returning customers. The branding on the pen also encourages brand recall, thereby spreading awareness among may more potential customers. The pen plays a significant role in spreading such information.

2. Use pens as Business Card Replacement

Business cards are a necessary, time-honoured tradition in modern commerce. However, times are changing and the promotional pen can the new business card for a commercial operation. A canny operator can print relevant details on promotional pens and encourage customers to order wholesale promotional pens online Australia. Besides, business cards get accidentally thrown away when people clean out their pockets. However, the promotional pen usually serves as an item of every day value!

3. Keep it Simple

Business operators that choose to promote their brand through pens must take a few pre-cautions. They must not include too much information on the pen, or use small, hard-to-read fonts. These diminish readability and can look unprofessional. They must therefore, use high-quality images for their logo because the artwork will look best and promote the sponsor business in a positive light. This tip is useful for business owners that order wholesale promotional pens online Australia as part of their marketing strategy.

4. Decide the number of pens appropriately

One pen for every personal meeting with a client: this is a good rule of thumb when business operators estimate the number of pens to order from bulk manufacturers. However, if they do not know how many pens to order (or find it difficult to estimate consumption), businesses can order a smaller number of pens in the first round. However, this could affect the price of the product per piece. The more pens, the lower the unit price. Once the operator takes delivery of the first consignment of pens, he or she could ramp up the number of promotional items from the manufacturer. 

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Reap unlimited benefits with the longer shelf life of pens

Unlike traditional forms of advertising (such as television, radio and print ads), the promotional pen can last for more than six months. This creates serious exposure for a brand or logo embossed on the pen. Therefore, marketing departments and independent business operators should invest in pen-based promotional schemes to broadcast their business. According to a survey, roughly 56% of the people who responded said that they would keep the promotional pen as long as it writes. Further, writing instruments are the most recalled specialty items among all forms of promotional materials.

Promotional gifting focused on pens and similar writing instruments represent a fun way to please customers, partners, and employees. These products create high levels of brand awareness and recall, and create a positive image for sponsor businesses. 

Are you planning your next promotional event?

As a marketer, you might be wandering how to make your next branding and marketing activity a success. Well, your approach could be quite budget-friendly with choicest pens of various types to be used wisely. But you need to plan in advance as it may take some time to get the pens customized. So, no matter your next financial year is beginning or your annual day is approaching, or you are planning for an outdoor event, having a customized pen as your brand ambassador could get recurring returns for you. Choose the right models and order wholesale promotional pens online Australia on time to get it customized the way you want and delivered at your doorstep before time. From plastic to wooden pens and metallic custom-pens, you can explore the whole lot of pen variety in just a few clicks. Have a preview of the customization and place order to get it finally delivered.

Author : Amit Ghia

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