Personalized Promotional Plastic Bottles – Trending, Innovative and Effective Marketing Stunt

Feb 28, 2019 08:00

The most important part of a business is to scheme out just the perfect branding strategy to make a noticeable presence among a large number of audience. Next is to choose something that is affordable and gives the desired results. In this regard, custom plastic water bottles are trending and worth giving a shot. So here are a few reasons to consider these bottles as next branding stunt for your business:

Customize & spread words about your business

We all are aware that water is one of the basic needs of humans to stay alive, so plastic drinking bottles are one of the highly used items to carry water everywhere. Such a demanded product can be customized and used as an innovative and effective marketing tool to create brand awareness. Since these bottles are easily carried everywhere, there are pretty good chances that more people will know about you. You can choose your design and get your company’s logo imprinted on it. If you wish you can also choose to mention a little about your product line to convey about your business. So this way these bottles can help you in spreading words about your business in the world without spending an extra penny (other than what you will pay for the bottle, of course).

Perfect gifting option

The best thing about the custom disposable water bottles is that they find their use in every household and so these bottles serve as great giveaways to the customers and corporate gifts for employees. If you are conducting any sport or athletic event then you can give away plastic sports bottles to your participants. You can get personalized water bottles in bulk and keep it for rewarding your employees for their achievements or for small occasions.


The reusable plastic bottles are BPA-free and so they are relatively safe to use and are highly durable. However, while buying these water bottles in bulk you must always make sure to only get them from manufacturers who guarantee quality products. Good quality can ensure longer stays with your customers.

Cost Effective

If you forecast the growing use of reusable bottles, you can see why it’s a wise investment. On the other hand, it will save customer’s money too as they may not need to buy bottled water as long as the reusable bottle lasts. Also, reusable water bottles bulk price is quite pocket-friendly and so the overall cost is very less.

Repeated impression

Promotional items can come and go, especially the smaller items like key chains, pens, can easily be missed out or even go unnoticed. But since these bottles can be used almost daily and multiple times in a day, they tend to give a repeated and long lasting impression about your brand.

So, if you are looking for an affordable marketing gimmick this year, go for promotional plastic bottles and see how these pretty things help your business to escalate to the next level!

Author : Amit Ghia

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