Planning Your Next Promotional Drive? Try Custom Travel Mugs

Aug 08, 2019 08:00

Promotional activities are a meticulously designed plan of action that takes into consideration a lot of things. Especially when you are choosing to go with a promotional product and the market offers you plenty of options, then why choose custom insulated travel mugs is a question that needs a serious answer. Well, a number of businesses and organizations are moving forward with this product making it one of the top products for corporate promotional activity. Let’s get to know as to why you can have this product on top of your product list.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mugs Australia

Why choose wholesale promotional travel mugs for promotion?

If you get the answer for this, you will definitely use this product will full confidence and reap its benefit. So, here are a few reasons to go with.

1. They are appealing and connect with everyone

You would hardly find a person who might not use this handy product. They are so handy to be carried and safe to store the drinkables that people use them for short or long-distance traveling as well. Moreover, the appealing look of the custom travel mugs gets noticed by people around. Its customized look is enough to grab the eyeballs of a person using it as well as others around the mug. No matter what type of business you are into, it fits everywhere and anywhere. 

2. Long-lasting giving you longer visibility

When you are ready to spend money, definitely your choice should be such that gives you maximum return on your investment. These travel mugs are long-lasting and durable and continue to give exposure to your brand name among your prospects for a longer time than any other short-lived promotional item. Just make sure to make it very very appealing with the right customization technique and beautiful presentation of your logo. There are a variety of materials available among which wholesale stainless steel travel coffee mugs, Australia is a preferred choice. This long-lasting feature of these mugs makes them suitable for outdoor usage as well.

3. Highly useful

If you are watching a movie and don’t want to move from your couch, fill the insulated travel mug with your choice of beverage and sit tight in front of the TV. Sometimes, when running late to your office, you can have your post-breakfast drink stored well in the travel mug and kept in the car to enjoy the sips as and when you get time. Even while working on your system for long in the office or at home, you can fill the mug with coffee and refresh your mind without getting up again and again to fill the mug. There are many more reasons that make these mugs highly useful and the customer’s favorite. Just imagine having your brand logo on such a product that is used and loved by others so much. Be a pro in ordering the best custom insulated travel coffee mug, Australia and reach to your prospects in the most friendly way.

4. Versatile models

Never worry about the selection of models as there are plenty of options to be offered to your prospects. No matter you are looking for a gift for your client, a reward for your employees, or a giveaway for your unknown prospects, you would find a suitable coffee mug model for sure. A few trending options these days are reusable coffee mugs, travel thermal mugs, commuter thermal mugs, 350 ML mugs, large elite mugs, cork coffee mugs, stainless steel tumblers and mugs, vacuum coffee mugs, and many more such items. You can choose to have them in your choice of color and size. Everything can go as per your business type and the recipients. This versatility of the models available makes it the first choice of every type of business for their branding activity in a budget.

Best Custom Insulated Travel Coffee Mug Australia

Tips for using travel coffee mugs effectively for promotions

Utilizing the right product in the right way can yield good results giving you maximum return on your investment. There are ways if followed by the marketers can really make the coffee mugs an effective brand carrier for you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose quality product

Do not compromise with the quality of the product. When you buy wholesale promotional travel mugs, make sure that they are durable and good in quality. It includes the color of the mugs and the quality of customization. Neither the color coating should get scratches nor your logo printed on it should fade away.

2. Choose an interesting design for customization

Go with a simple and short design, but try to make it interesting. A caption, a short punch line, or only an interactive visual will all for you. Insulated travel mugs provide ample space for printing, but it is not necessary to cover it all. Go with a witty, fun, or friendly line. Make sure it has a “wow” factor.

3. Include a call to action

Research reports say that 83% of recipients decide to do business with a company from where they have received a promotional product. So, make sure your travel mug has a call to action to give enough opportunity to the recipients to take action if they feel so. And remember, you CTA could be as small as your phone number, your website link, or even a hashtag.

4. Utilize social media platforms for the showcase of your promotional event and product

You heard it right. When you have already decided with the choice of product and ready with its customization, give it a little exposure on social media. This increases the brand value. Posting the images would give you audience a glimpse of your corporate culture. It can also work to promote your event and product both. 

If you are already on away with product promotion then going with best custom insulated Travel Coffee mug Australia is a good idea. It is a safe product to be used keeping you safe from the risk of trial and error. Just make sure to choose the right product partner to get timely delivery and good quality product. On wholesale order of custom travel mugs, AustraliaPlanning Your Next Promotional Drive? Try Custom Travel Mugs

Author : Amit Ghia

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