Promotional Custom Sanitisers As Giveaways- Liquid Spray Versus Gel Versus Wipes

Nov 16, 2020 08:00

Every day we have close interactions with our friends, relatives, colleagues, and other people for business and personal purposes. However, the covid-19 has taught us a lot about physical distancing and we are taking all the care to avoid any direct physical touch. Still, during the hand-to-hand contact with objects and other things, we are somehow transmitting viruses and bacteria from one person to another who use the same object. This scenario is also relevant for other communicable diseases which are preventable with proper precautions in place.

Without the proper preventive steps, we may find the risk of infection and bacterial diseases spreading and coming back in cycles. The use of hand sanitizers helps a lot in preventing such diseases. Especially during current pandemic condition, hand sanitizers have become a very essential item in everyone’s life. Businesses are vouching on this item these days and are reaching out to their prospects and employees through this product which also show that you are concerned about their health and well-being. Thus, to show your concern for your employees and customers, you can also offer sanitizers as branded corporate gifts. The custom sanitizer bottles have now become must-haves in our daily lives. By offering these promotional sanitizer packages, you will add value to your branding campaign.

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Supplier

Should you choose a liquid spray or hand sanitisers?

Hand sanitisers are available as both liquid and gel content. Both of them are effective when you have applied the sanitizer on your hand surface, fingers, and nails. However, the most important thing of all sanitizers is the alcoholic content. There must be 60% ethanol in the high quality sanitiser.

Spray sanitiser bottles deliver less product per dose, and thus, they are cost-saving options. Users can dispense the solution simply by having the spray. Converse,

 Gel sanitisers ensure a better coverage to your skin. Users may dispense the right amount of gel and rub it on their palms to spread the content throughout their hands. Moreover, gel solutions ensure even and consistent distribution of the content. Thus, they dry quickly and help in fighting against germs. In the food processing and healthcare industry, the alcoholic sanitiser gel can be the right choice to ensure better results.

However, researchers have found that while gel sanitizers take gel sanitizers to kill bacteria, liquid solutions can do it within 15 seconds. What’s more, liquid sanitizers do not leave much residue on your skin. Still, you may find variations in the consistency based on your chosen manufacturer. Look for the best hand sanitizer bulk supplier to get quality products for your employees and customers. 

Buy wet wipes as sanitiser- 

Custom-printed hand sanitiser wipes can be the perfect corporate giveaways to promote your brand. You can print your logo in individual wipes and let your customers maintain sanitation with these products. Instead of using soap and water, they can use these wipes to get convenience. Your promotional sanitizing will encourage your customers to remove harmful germs during daily activities.

The friction generated by these wipes is more effective in killing germs and eliminate soils from our hands. Promotional wet wipes are available in a variety of sizes, and you can choose the right one based on your budget. 

How to personalize the sanitizers 

While you choose bulk sanitizer as a tool for your brand promotion, you just take enough care in getting it properly customized. The printing of your business logo should be done appropriately taking care of the size of the bottles. These days, with many innovative designs of sanitizers like pen-style sanitizer, pots sprays, flat bottles, pocket-size sanitizers and others, the size of the text or logo matters a lot. If the bottle size is very small, you must make sure that your logo is printed properly and its color reflects well. The supplier of promotional products keeps these factors in mind and their designs can also suggest you the best options of printing the products. You must enquire about all these things before placing any bulk online order.

Hand Sanitizer For Sale Australia

Now, you can look for the most reliable store to find hand sanitiser for sale Australia. Custom sanitiser bottles are the most considerate gifts in tradeshows and other promotional events. You may also target hospitals, colleges, hotels, airports, and other public places to allocate these custom sanitiser giveaways. The full-coloured logo imprinted on the sanitiser bottle will remind recipients of your concern about their health. Sanitisers do not cost much and with minimal investment, you can buy quality products for your customers.

Find a huge collection of hand sanitizers for corporate gifting and promotional needs in highly creative designs. We also offer you a mock-up customization design review so that you understand how your product will look like after the printing.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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