Promotional Plastic Bottles: The Most Economic Way Of Promotions

Jun 10, 2021 08:00

Bottled water is immensely popular among people. This is because everyone in present times is aware of bottled water being safe, hygienic and healthy. They are also easy to carry outdoors, during travel or at workplaces. This is why, it has gained the attention of people who wish to have a product that can carry its name effectively. Advertising plays a major part in the success of a business. Keeping this thing in mind, many brands have started using water bottles for the promotion of their business. It is a wonderful tool that is not only highly useful but also quite affordable. Using environment-friendly consumption motto in mind, brands can also use reusable plastic bottles as an advertisement tool. Apart from this, gifting useful items makes the customer feel good and appreciated.  

Promotional Plastic Bottles

Why should you use plastic water bottles for marketing or branding? 

There are various reasons for using plastic water bottles for your brand promotion. They are as follows: 

1) Safe and user-friendly tool

As compared to glass bottles or glass containers, plastic bottles are safe to use. There is no fear of them breaking down into pieces just like glass bottles. So the overall manufacturing and packing process is quite easy and safe. The plastic bottles are also tough and effective against fighting chemicals. So as a result, they will neither leak nor burst. So while shipping also the bottles will be protected. Not only this, they are also a versatile product that can be gifted to anyone irrespective of age or gender. No matter your target audience is are children, adults, women or men, you can customize a plastic bottle for anyone of them. So businesses can easily invest money in promotional plastic bottles and utilize them for business promotion. 

2) Various shapes and color

The best part about plastic is that it can be moulded into any shape. This increases their utility and improves their appearance. They can also be customized as per your need to highlight the brand name so that they reach the eyes of maximum number of customers. Their availability in different sizes like small, medium or large plastic bottles fit in any budget and as per your budget you can buy large or small bottles in bulk. 

3) Lightweight product to carry anywhere

Plastic bottles are lightweight as compared to glass and other materials. This reduces the energy and overall cost of shipping. So the overall manufacturing cost of bottles for advertising purposes will be less. Even after distribution as a free giveaway, since they are easy to carry anywhere, the users carry them and give the most needed exposure to your brand. So, plastic bottles have become an effective tool for promotion.  

4) Recycled and reusable

Plastic bottles can be recycled into other materials easily. Therefore these are eco-friendly bottles and convey the same message to the people when gifted as a promotional plastic bottle. Apart from this, custom disposable water bottles can be reused which also helps in increasing its popularity. People also love to receive an environment-friendly gift and invest time and money in your business.  

5) A product with best promotional aspects

Water bottle is a frequently used item. From backpack pouches to handbags, school bags, lunch bags or cars, you can easily spot a bottle flaunting the name or logo of a brand. A bottle gives enough space to make a logo visible effectively. Not only this, the bottles are easily customizable also through different techniques like screen printing or laser printing. These aspects make plastic bottles a readily opted item for branding. 

Eco-friendly promotional bottles are a wise investment 

A highly effective promotional plan is required for the successful marketing of any business. Nowadays different products are used as promotional items for the advertising business. The premier product in the list is plastic sports bottleMade of high-quality eco-friendly plastic, they carry the go green environment message very effectively. This inculcates the interest of people in the promotional bottle and they carry it along wherever they go. As a result, your brand gets unmatched exposure. The overall cost of investment is comparatively low. So the benefits and exposure obtained are worth the amount of money spent. Especially during sports events, presenting custom-printed bottles to the participants or the audience is a great idea to gain public attention. 

Plastic Sports Bottle


Businesses should never shy away from implementing some out of the box promotion ideas for their business. Wholesale corporate gifts include customized bottles as a mandatory item in their promotional strategy. Promotional bottles are one of such items that customers use daily and on every use you are sure to get a new potential customer.  

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Author : Amit Ghia

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