Promotional Umbrellas: The Trending Designs And Styles

Feb 22, 2021 08:00

We love sunny weather but do not like the scorching heat of sunrays. Similarly, we love rain, although we do not like to get wet. To have the ultimate protection against sun’s heat and rainwater, an umbrella is the best companion of a traveller or anyone else going outdoors.  That is why some companies buy umbrellas wholesale and use them as promotional items to present to their employees, visitors, or guests. Since the product is so useful, they are used extremely and help the distributors gain attention of people for their brand. In order to achieve the desired results, they choose the right size of the umbrella as per the type of the recipient. Small umbrellas are perfect for daily commuters, while the large ones are used for commercial purposes.

Business people and advertisers need to select the right type of umbrella and the market is also offering a lot of designs and styles. If you are aware of the options, you would definitely make the right choice. So, here we have presented you with a few trending umbrella designs to make your job easier in choosing the umbrella.

Corporate Promotional Umbrellas

Large golf umbrella-

With a big canopy of about 70 inches, this umbrella protects golfers and his equipment from rain. Although the shaft is long, you can carry it in your golf bag. The canopy may have a combination of two colours. As the umbrella has a large model, it includes a structural steel. Many sponsors of golf matches select this umbrella for the venue and display their brand among people. What needs to be done effectively is printing the logo on the umbrella fabric.

Bottle umbrella-

It is an innovative style umbrella with high portability. When you unfold the umbrella, you may not find any difference from the standard model. However, you have to squeeze the umbrella inside some bottle-like structure. Thus, in the folded state, the umbrella takes the shape of a bottle. It is best for travellers who like to carry portable umbrellas. Corporate companies are eagerly choosing this type of custom-printed umbrella for their employees as they look very attractive and innovative to be given as a gift or a giveaway.

Auto-close inverted self-standing umbrella-

When you like to order corporate umbrellas with logo, you can choose this model. Due to the inverted folding design, you have to open and close the system inside out. The reverse mechanism keeps the outer surface dry. Moreover, as there is an auto closing system, you need to push a button. Order these umbrella for your special buyers or customers and get the umbrella printed with your business logo or company name.

Umbrellas with C-shaped handle-

The uniqueness of these umbrellas lies in their handles. The C-shaped design gives you a better grip. Besides, the one-touch opening system is another advantage with this umbrella. This elegant umbrella provides you with the ultimate protection against sun. These are one of the common items available to be bought in bulk at great prices. You don’t need to check for any online sale as there are distributors in Australia who offer the product at wholesale price and delivery across Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth etc.

Big round umbrellas for patios-

Corporate promotional umbrellas used for patios should have a big model. You can find them with colorful canopies and square-shaped corners. These umbrellas are designed for outdoor uses to ensure protection against water and sun. In most cases, hotels and restaurants use these promotional outdoor umbrellas. You can check for different sizes and quality of this umbrella with a supplier and order them for delivery at your place. They need to be installed properly by the experts. So make sure that the company delivering the umbrellas also offer the installation service. Of course, installation should be free.

Corporate Umbrellas With Logo

Based on your needs, you can choose between small and big patio umbrellas. Most of these umbrellas have sturdy frames with wooden poles. Umbrellas are surely one of the unique promotional items, as you can find much space to print your brand logo. Outdoor umbrellas are also useful in tradeshows, and you may print them to make your brand name visible to others.

Ruffle umbrellas with a stylish look-

When your target customers are mostly females, you may choose ruffle umbrellas as a promotional gift. Ruffles at the edge of umbrella create a graceful look. Manufacturers use high-density waterproof fabrics for these umbrellas. Users have to shake down the umbrella to drop water from the canopy.

Cap umbrellas-

These umbrellas have no shaft but include an elastic that you can put around your head. You do not need to grip any handle, and it is easy to wear the umbrella as a cap. They are distributed among school and college children to be used during sports events and display any brand printed on it. 

 Buy wholesale corporate umbrella online with logo for promotional needs and get attractive discount on bulk order.

Author : Amit Ghia

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