Reusable and Durable Water Bottles: Discover The Different Types

Jul 09, 2020 08:00

A personal water bottle is necessary for everyone living in any part of the world. In Australia, it is especially needed due to the specific climate of the place, long-distance travel, and lack of drinking water supply at many of the public places and outdoor recreational locations. From 2009, the Australian Government banned the use of plastic. Hence, carrying plastic water bottles ends up in paying fines. Today, even the public has understood the importance of going plastic-free and hence they carry personalized water bottles that are of a reusable type.

Water bottles come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Taking care of them like cleaning and storing properly is very important to keep your drinking water safe from any kind of contamination. 

Here, we have discussed how to take the best care of the reusable water bottles and how to personalize them for personal or promotional needs.   

Personalize Plain Water Bottles

A personalized water bottle is the best to carry if you are concerned about your hygiene and wish to keep the bottle exclusively for yourself. You can personalize your bottle with your name, photo, or both. This kind of simple personalization looks decent and does not even mess-up with your workplace environment. Some funny text customization or motivational text is good to go with if it is to be used among a group of students and kids.

Plain water bottles are also suitable to do artworks. You can get your name or nickname imprinted artistically on the bottle. The personalized water bottles Australia available on various online portals can offer you this with digital imprints. You can order online and it will be delivered as free shipment too. You can select a plain water bottle of your choice. You must check by water capacity, model, color, and type. Plain bottles allow ample opportunity for customization, printing, and design which you can do effectively. Maintain the cleanliness and reuse your bottle for as long as you wish.

Personalized Color Water Bottles

Personalized drink bottles Australia decorated with artwork, printing, and images can be found in multiple colors. You can carry a water bottle of your zodiac color, lucky color, or your dress and the SUV color you drive. You can check online and select the best color drink bottle. Either, they are of single-colored bottles. You can have your photo or name. This will make that bottle identifiable. Hence, it is personalized, and for you only. You need to take care of cleaning too. It is advisable to clean them weekly once with cleaning detergent using lukewarm water. While cleaning, your name or photo will not wipe away as they are of permanent ink.

Durable Metal Drink Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are the best to carry for those who drink water frequently. They will not break when they fall. Moreover, they last longer too. Making personalized stainless steel water bottles are the best to keep them safe and show your identity on them. Stainless steel drink bottles are also available in insulated or thermos models which allow you to carry hot and cold water easily anywhere. No matter you are going for a picnic in the chilling winter or going for trekking in the scorching sun, you can carry the water at your preferred temperature. Select a perfect stainless steel drink bottle and imprint your name on them. Yet, you have to clean them with hot water, mild utensil cleaning powder, and with a cleaner. Also, try to prevent them from falling. Though the bottles are strong enough not to break, they can get scratches on the body spoiling the look of the bottle.

Order personalized water bottles in bulk online

You can order personalized water bottles in bulk. You can do this for branding, promotions, and charity purposes as well.

Academic organizations can order drink bottles in bulk for their students in any occasion and distribute them among the children. They are perfect as a giveaway in festivals or long holiday season.

The corporates can use personalized stainless steel bottles as a corporate gift and present to their employees on any occasion which helps in binding the team together. As a prize for some fun event, as a gift during organizational functions, or a general giveaway during any annual corporate event, these bottles can be used wisely as a gift. They are sure to be used again and again gaining high visibility for the brand name imprinted on the bottle.  Other recipients could be the conference attendees, guests of a seminar, participants of a corporate event, or the visitors of an exhibition or corporate party.

Search and buy the bottles online by selecting the right drink bottle through a supplier who also provides the customization services. After digital imaging and printing services, they will process the order and send you within the promised time. You can also confirm the order after getting a sample work to see how it looks after the customization is done.

Author : Amit Ghia

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