Safety Recommendations For Using Backpack

Jul 13, 2020 08:00

The advent of backpacks has revolutionized the way things are carried by people. From small school going kids, to corporate employees, travelers, daily shoppers and many others, we find almost everyone carrying a backpack easily on their shoulders. There are simple to specialized custom promotional backpacks available in the market and among the people. You might buy one in the online market or the brick-and-mortar shop as well as you can have it as a gift or giveaway from any of your known person or the organization you work for.

Considering the widespread use and popularity of the product, we must also take care of using the product safely to stay away from any injury or discomfort  caused by it. Backpacks come with their own pros and cons, though most of them are the benefits only, you would be able to reap them only after being aware of the right way or the associated safety measures. So, here are a few tips you must follow while using any personalized promotional backpack or a general one.

Promotional Laptop Backpack

Safety features in a backpack

Choose a lightweight backpack for school kids: School going children need to stay safe and comfortable while using a backpack. So, it is suggested to give them a light-weight backpack only. It should be 15% of the child’s weight. For example if a child weighs 59 pounds, his bag should never be above 9 pounds.

Laptop backpack should have padded straps: Laptops weight quite noticeable. So, make sure to choose a bag that has padded straps as it will fit well on to your shoulders without hurting them. A strap without a pad makes the bag shag on the bag and puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders.  If you are buying promotional laptop backpack to present to your employees or staffs, make sure it has padded straps. Also, to carry laptops, if the back of the bag is also padded, it is an additional advantage. After all promotion with a good quality product that earns goodwill and name after use will surely help you build your reputation among the people.

Prefer backpack with waist strap for travelling: Many backpacks are large in size as they are meant to facilitate carrying large amount of products during traveling. No matter you are venturing out on a trip or trekking, if you love carrying backpack as your carriage partner, you can make it very much comfortable for yourself by choosing a backpack with a waist strap. This will allow tucking the bag around your waist giving extra support to the shoulder straps. You won’t feel it heavy to carry the bag and the weight of the bag will be evenly distributed across the shoulders, back, and waist.

You can look for such backpacks in the online stores. Also, the suppliers of backpacks can customize the product as per your need and accustom the backpack with a waist strap.

Choose multiple compartment bag: Prefer a bag with multiple compartments. No matter the bag is for use by the school kids or by the corporate employees, it must have multiple compartments to allow even distribution of the weight. You can keep heavy objects low in the bag or in the middle compartment while putting all other stuffs in the front or back compartments. The side pouch can be used for keeping the bottles or other stuffs.

Promotional Backpacks

Never carry the bag with one strap on: Many people, especially the youth carry the bag with one shoulder strap, either in hurry or just for style. This is not at all good. If the bag is heavy, it would make you lean on one side and gradually may also lead to shoulder pain. You might also lose your balance while carrying the bag. Even if you are carrying a bag for short distance, make sure you put it on properly to avoid any associated health risks. Many such promotional backpacks often come with guidelines of using them. We must not ignore these guidelines are pay heed to them. If young children are using the bags, explain the safe ways of putting them on. Reiterate the importance and correct them if you find the kids not wearing the bags properly.

Do not overload the bag: Overloading the bag with unnecessary stuffs can make you hunch or slouch in order to compensate the extra load. This will impact your posture adversely and can cause problem to the way you walk in the long run. Always try to keep only the important items to be carried in the bag no matter you are going to office, college or a long trip. It will not only affect your health but will also cause quick wear and tear of the bag. Use the bag properly, stay healthy, and make the bag last long. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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