Safety Tips While Using Lunch Cooler Bags

Feb 24, 2020 08:00

Lunch boxes and bags represent mass-market products that have gained a massive following across geographies over many decades. School-going children, office employees, blue collar workers, daily wage workers, college students, apprentices, and traveling sales persons - all carry a lunch box or lunch bag as a means of daily sustenance. The widespread usage of such bags is very common and you cannot deny their effective presence everywhere. However, the need to keep the food or beverages fresh gave rise to the emergence of cooler bags which have made their place everywhere.

This high usability in the recent times has given a loud call to the manufacturer to produce more of them in different sizes, colors, styles and designs. Custom cooler bags have added magnificent variety to the market for lunch bags. These engineered products empower the people to attain higher standards of food safety, thereby elevating the quality of nutrition in day to day lives. Though people are quite aware of the usage of these products, a few tips, if kept in mind can enhance the experience of the users.

Custom Cooler Bags

Choice of food to be carried

Though the cooler bags ensure to keep your food items fresh, a little concern on the choice of food items can further make your day a healthy one. Health advisors recommend light mid-day meals that generate high levels of energy-dense nutrition for the average people. A variety of vegetable salads, peanut butter sandwiches, portions of raw fruit, egg whites and vegetable salads, rolls, slices of lean meat, broiled fish, etc. remain the ideal choice for an everyday lunch. Lunch cooler bags represent the ideal carriage platform because they help preserve the nutrients in these food combinations. This is an acknowledged fact that has encouraged promotional products supplier to fashion multiple editions of lunch cooler bags. For this purpose, you can go with flat and slim lunch cooler bags that can accommodate reasonable amount of the food items. They will come in quite affordable range and would also accommodate in your handbag, travel bag, or backpack easily. 

Frozen Gel Packs for longer storage period

Yes, though the cooler bags are themselves insulated and can give you fresh food for longer time, you can further increase the duration of storage. Modern nutrition science recommends high levels of cooling to enable efficient food preservation inside lunch cooler bags. Packs of frozen ice gels can help lunch carriers to attain this effect on a regular basis. These reusable gel packs can be sourced commercially from supermarkets and are perfect complement to the food preservation mechanisms engineered into promotional lunch cooler bags. Alternatively, regular lunch carriers can position a small bottle of frozen ice water (or frozen fruit juice) inside cooler bags in a bid to preserve food quality during travel.

Maintain the hygiene of the bag

Individuals who regularly carry lunch cooler bags must ensure these bags retain a high degree of hygiene. Soap and warm water can effectively eradicate germs and any toxins on every surface of the lunch cooler bag. Such steps ensure that food items face zero contamination at any point in time, whether the lunch bag is in use or stowed away for later use. In addition, lunch carriers must affix a set of sanitising tissues to cooler bags; these help to wipe the hands clean before users commence a daily lunch session.

Protect from damage

The mechanism of cooler bags works on insulation. This makes it imperative for you to use the bag sensibly and prevent it from any outside damage. Any cut or scar on the bag will not only make it look shaggy but will also interfere with its functionality. So carry your bag carefully, keep it safe wherever you go, during travels take care to handle them properly and more importantly, do not let kids play with them. If taken care properly, they can last for too long.

Packing Tips for Lunch Bags

Homemakers must take care to freeze sandwiches for a few hours, and then add lettuce, tomatoes, and onion slices just before packing the lunch inside cooler bags. This allows the food combination to retain freshness inside the carrier bag. In addition, packing just the right portions of food allows appropriate amounts of nutrition, while reducing the scope of bulges in lunch cooler bags. Further, homemakers must use fresh wrapping material every time to ensure food safety and the preservation of nutrition. 

Promotional Lunch Cooler Bags

Tips for Promotional Cooler Bags

Lunch cooler bags remain an ideal promotional product to raise awareness of commercial logos and signage in modern times. Hence, the cooler bag promotional product could find increasing endorsement in the budgets of professional marketers and proprietors of small businesses. Here are a few tips that can help corporates or business owners make the most out of this product and fetch best results with custom cooler bags.

Keep quality of the bag as top priory as the usage of these bags would speak loud about the quality of the product. So, no matter you choose a small or a big bag, the quality of the bag should be top.

Next you should definitely consider the effective customization of the bag so that your company’s name reflects well on the fabric of the bag. Choose the right color as it can make a huge difference in the visibility of your logo. Remember, everyone using the bag and others around usually take a glance of the name printed on such bags.

One more important point is that businesses who give away such products with a flyer or brochure to educate the consumers usually do well. You can talk about the best practices for safe, hygienic, and efficient use of lunch cooler bags. In doing so, commercial promotional tactics help raise health awareness among wide sections of today’s consumers. You effort would definitely get noticed earning you a good reputation. 

Planning to advertise your brand using a promotional cooler bag requires good amount of time. You need to look at your budget, type of bags, and customization needs. So, plan ahead and buy custom cooler lunch bags at wholesale rate and do an effective advertising campaign.

Author : Amit Ghia

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