Simple Promotional Pens With High Impact Results

Oct 09, 2019 08:00

Designed as highly functional, colorful products sporting exotic gleaming lines, the promotional pen is truly an item worth coveting in the modern day. The surge in manufacturing technologies allows creators and designers to engrave these products with laser-etched logos, thereby catching the human eye! Most businesses can invest in such promotional products when they negotiate with manufacturers for bulk purchases. The engraved signage and business logos ensure promotional pens boost brand recall and expand the business of the sponsor enterprise. Businesses of every size can prefer to go with these pens owing to the lasting returns it give and the low cost investment. The small business promotional pens ensure that your make the same impact while suing the low-cost, yet high quality pens which serve the same purpose.

Let’s get to know how you can leverage it to your advantage and why these highly useful pens can be the best choice as an advertising vehicle. Here are a few attractive points to keep in mind and convince yourself that pens ranging from low cost bulk pens to high-cost classy pens can be used on different occasions for brand promotion.

Small is Beautiful: Pens fit everywhere

Business operators could choose the ubiquitous pen as a promotional product based on the low per-unit cost of such pens. The small form factor of the product allows it to travel across regions, nations, and continents. These small business promotional pens promise high potential of broadcasting a brand name far and wide, thereby deepening the consumer's connect with the sponsor brand. In addition, high quality polycarbonate construction, a ritzy body color, and flawless functionality can vault these pens to the level of a minor status symbol embedded in a user's pocket. Truly, the promotional pen has emerged as a compelling option for ambitious business operators with tight marketing budgets!

Pens are not only smaller in size, but also smaller in budget as an investment. Business of any size can readily pick any of these pens to use as a promotional product. Even small shop owners can get pens customized and offer to their customers on some occasions. Pens like plastic body pen, metal body pen, or bamboo pens can be bought in any budget for intermediate branding needs. These custom promotional pens with company logo are too low in the cost but highly useful.

Corporate Promotional Pens With Logo

A Big Thumbs Up to Entrepreneurship

Small and medium businesses can invest in corporate promotional pens with logo as a means of easy publicity in a limited budget. These pens are ideal as giveaways during marketing campaigns, trade shows, business meetings, new store openings, corporate roadshows, and pop-up stores. Each promotional pen becomes an ambassador for the sponsor business by becoming a part of the user's retinue. The impact of such a strategy is manifest every time users jot down notes, doodle, or write a memo on paper. The logo engraved on such pens allows the small business sponsor to retain and expand mindshare among clients, customers, general users, and vendors. This alone allows the pen to participate in a firm's business expansion strategy.

Having said that, the choice of pens to be used on entrepreneurial promotion should also depend on the person you would be presenting the pen to.

  • If you are offering customized pens to employees, you can go for metal pens or the most trending bamboo pens. Get your logo printed and give it to your employees on some internal event, competitions, or fun activities.
  • If you are offering pens to your new clients, you should go with single pen with case or pen set in the case. This will make a good impression and will get your noticed significantly. Corporate promotional pens with logo can keep you in the mind of your clients for long. 

Customization can work Wonders!

The primary intent that drives product customization is to raise the profile of a product in customer's estimation. Small, handy custom promotional pens with company logo serve as the ideal marketing platform that can be customized at minimal costs. The outcome is a product that can ignite a conversation between two individuals, thereby registering a thumping success in terms of pure brand recall. For instance, a chocolate manufacturer can order customized writing instruments that sport a definitive color recalling the primary tint of the manufacturer's product. This stance allows the sponsor to gain mindshare and spur sales across multiple outlets, thus boosting profit margins.

A few best ideas of pen customization are listed below:

  • Get the pens printed with contrast color. Plastic pens with metallic color printing look too good.
  • Wooden pens or bamboo pens can look good with a simple black color logo printing.
  • Pen sets with logo can be customized on the pen and the box both.
  • Not only logo or company name, you can initiate good interaction with the people by having some attractive quote. This will attract the people towards the pen and will keep them engaged.
  • Pens can also be engraved which are really too lasting and keeps the brand name visible for always. 

Small Business Promotional Pens

Distribution is Key to Commercial Success

Every business enterprise that invests in promotional products could distribute the same to stockists, retailers, vendors, distributors, showrooms, and assorted merchant establishments. This strategy allows the sponsor to multiply the reach of the promotional pen to a wide range of customers and business prospects. The economical per-unit cost of such pens encourages such a commercial strategy and helps the promotional item to emerge as a powerful tool for business expansion. Small business promotional pens can further reduce your investment cost. However, the success of this strategy depends on repeated initiatives to broadcast the sponsor logo via the mighty pen.

Make sure to reach to the end users right on time to gain maximum benefit. Presenting a pen as a gift at the right time can make it memorable by adding memories to it. When in future, the event will be discussed, your pen and your brand would be discussed for sure. Once distributed at the right time, it will keep on giving you recurring benefits.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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