Some Exciting Uses Of Towel You Would Love To Know

Feb 10, 2022 08:00

Does your wardrobe have a stock of both large and small towels? Made of different fabrics, towels are useful in a range of ways. From the small square-shaped face towels to the oversized rectangular shaped models, there are several options available for you. Nowadays, custom-designed towels with a brand name have become one of the best promotional giveaways. But, what are the different uses of eco-friendly fabric towels? Do you still have limited regular towel for bathing needs only? Let’s get to know what all can you do with different types of towels and what sort of them should you keep at home?

For your bath-

Designed with high-quality absorbent fabrics, bath towels are large. After taking a bath, you can use the towel to dry your body. It is better to buy fade-resistant towels, which retain their aesthetics for years. Popularly available in cotton fabric, they are now coming with micro fibers also which are making them super soft and high absorbing. 

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For using in the sea beach-

Beach towels are useful for travellers who like to enjoy their vacations near beachside. As the beach towel is long, you can lie on it to avoid touching the sand. Pure cotton is the best fabric used for beach towels. Buy printed beach towels wholesale at the most reasonable price and present them to your relatives or friends as well. A thin type will help them in getting easily dried up. The same towels can be used in your swimming pool also. However, for beach, you can find them in attractively bright colors and printed designs.

For drying hands-

You can invest in small towels to dry your hands. When you are in a restroom, these towels would be highly useful. However, they are also purchased as wholesale gym towels Australia. After an intense physical workout, you can use these towels to dry our hands and face. Several hotels, resorts, gym facilities like to buy these towels for their clients. You can easily keep them in your backpack while going out to a gym. Many companies also offer them as a customized gift to their customers after printing their business logo on the towels. Embroidery is another way of personalizing a towel. 

For drying up something in the kitchen-

It is nothing uncommon to find spills of liquids in the kitchen. That is why you can choose kitchen towels to wipe away the liquids. Moreover, these towels are useful for drying your vegetables, hands, and dishes. They are mostly made of cotton and are thin enough to easy wash and dry. A set of kitchen towels can be bought in bulk and kept handy to be used for different purposes.

Using towels as napkins-

Tea towels are useful for different purposes in your kitchen. For instance, you can place these towels between pans and pots to protect them from scratches. Moreover, you may use them for covering your foods like biscuits. Covered with towels, your tea pots will be warm. Thus, these small towels are one of the serving accessories in your everyday life.

Using towels during sports activities-

Sportsmen feel sweaty when they play games for hours. That is why they look for cheap cooling towels wholesale, as these fabrics can absorb sweat. They are better than ordinary towels, and thus, athletes like to use them to feel comfortable. You can order sports towels in bulk and use them during any campaign if running a club, stadium or gym of your own.

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Using towels in your salon- 

Salon owners use towels for a range of purposes. For instance, they need towels to dry the shampooed hair and wrap the customers for body massages. Manicurists, hairdressers, aestheticians, barbers, and several other professionals in the relevant field invest in towels. Thus, look for salon towels of the right size to use them for your needs. Available in vibrant colors, these towels look clean and fresh. 

Using towels during the spa treatment-

Spa chemicals can leave spots and run the dress. That is why it is important to cover the body with towels. There are also warm spa towels to make your clients feel better. The specially designed towels are intended for massaging their hands. 

Towels for small babies 

Here the choice of towel should be of high quality. Make sure that the fabric is soft for your child and can be easily washed and dried. In online stores, you would find such towels in different interesting designs and prints suitable for small babies. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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