Some Interesting Types Of Hats You Would Love To Know

Jul 12, 2021 08:00

Hats have been a staple in the wardrobe collection of both men and women. From an item of utility, today it has become an accessory people love to wear to stylize themselves. These small pieces of clothing can do so much to your style without taking much space in your closet. When we think of hats, an image of beach hats may come to our minds, however, not many people know that there are more than 100 types of hats in the world. Do not worry, we will not be discussing all of them here, but we will be listing some of the interesting wholesale hats that might suit your fashion needs. It is interesting to know that this wide variety of availability offers a suitable hat for each one of us irrespective of age and gender. So, let’s get to know some common types that you can use readily, afford easily and have in your collection.

Promo Hats Cheap


Beanies are made of woollen materials to keep the head and ears warm in cold weather. Their stylish look has made it a go-to option and many men and women are seen flaunting it proudly in cold weather. Based on the quality of wool used and the design, their cost varies. You can buy beanies for men, women, or kids online in different colors and designs.

The Fedora

The fedora has been quite popular since old times and was a common sight in vintage British or Hollywood movies. It features a pinch lengthwise on the front and a narrow brim. It is styled by men, unlike boyish styles, and can be paired with multiple options. Premium clothing brands use this classy piece for custom printed hats. You can have them in your collection and use occasional to stay different from others. Select a proper color that goes well with your outfit, and there you are, all set!

The Beret

The beret is classic French fashionable clothing that has been spotted several times in the fashion industry. It is fitted in the head and puffed on the top which makes it a timeless fashion accessory. They are found in funky colors to some deep formal colors to give an intense look. Sometimes, the brim can be of different color to add another style.

Sun Hat

Sun hat is an over sized hat that is classy and breathable. It features a wider brim and speaks volumes for vacation. Many brands look for bulk promotional items cheap, and sun hat though looks royal, is extremely budget-friendly. Whether you planning a beach day or heading for casual brunch with girls on a sunny day, sun hats can add instant glamour to your everyday outfit. The cost varies based on the type of material used. You can find demin hats, cane hats, nylon hats, canvas hats and others.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps though were invented for the sport, is proudly sported by men, women, and children at various occasions. These are comfortable and feature an adjustable strap that helps in adjusting the fit as per the need. These caps are available in various quality and price ranges. Whether you are looking for promo hats cheap for distribution at an event or willing to spend well on quality hats, baseball caps can go a long way. It can be worn casually while working on a hot day, when having a bad hair day, or simply on any other day as well, these caps are extremely versatile.

The Newsboy

This type of hat is quite popular among both men and women and is also fondly known as a schoolboy hat. It features eight panels that join up to the top button. The peaked beak allows protection from the sun or drizzle when worn outdoors. It is generally made of wool, make it wearable in almost all kinds of weather, as it doesn’t completely cover the head and ears like beanies.

Custom Printed Hats


Panama hats may symbolize summer vacation when it comes to men's hats. These are made of breathable fabric, are lightweight, and protect the head from the sun. Also, they look extremely cool and fashionable when paired with a tropical shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.

For each hat type, you can find a suiting outfit to complete the hat and have a wholesome look. With hundreds of hats available, we hope our selective list of hats will help you in choosing the right one for yourself.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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