Some Unique Aprons You Would Like To Know About

Dec 13, 2021 08:00

From cooks to healthcare specialists, several professionals wear aprons as a type of uniform. Sometimes, they are offered by the company, sometimes they are self-bought by the user. Some companies also invest in the personalised apron and hat to start a promotional campaign and develop a form of uniformity among their people and staff. They like to display their brand names in the aprons and create a brand name with these promotional products. However, you would have come across different styles of aprons. Some apron styles are unique and different from the commonly chosen models. Also, based on the industry type and utility, their designs vary. However, a few of them are really uniquely designed, especially if they are for some specific campaign or outdoor corporate event. Today, we will discuss about some unique apron designs that you might not be aware of. 

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You might like to consider these designs if you are planning to invest in aprons for your employees. So, explore these apron styles before placing any bulk order of aprons for your employees.

Pinafore Aprons-

While wearing the pinafore apron, you have to tie it in your back near the waist. It mostly covers the lower part of the body and is specific to particular usage. Since it remains pinned to your dress, it is known as the pinafore aprons.

Sweetheart apron-

Short styling and sweetheart neckline are the major characteristics of the apron. During 1940s to 50s, these sweetheart aprons were highly popular. Due to the flattering design, several women liked this apron design. Even today these aprons are searched online for personal usage by women at home. It might not be suitable for professional usage, however, companies are not avoiding getting innovative these days.

Ruffled Aprons-

Aprons with ruffles have become outdated. However, they can create a fashion statement for women. The ruffles make the style more feminine. For theme-based get togethers, people order such aprons in bulk for fun. They can also be personalized the way you want and manufacturers can design them in different sizes if needed.

Handkerchief Aprons-

The corners of hems face down, and thus, the handkerchief apron looks different from other aprons. It creates an angle to look like handkerchief. Isn’t that interesting? You can order these aprons in different attractive colours with contrast colour choice also. However, you must coordinate with the designer, supplier or the manufacturer of the aprons to get your choice of apron designed.

Half Aprons

In these aprons, sewers like to display their handworks with prints. Half aprons are their masterpieces. Fancy stitching, fun prints, and useful pouches are the major traits of the half aprons. But, these aprons do not ensure proper protection to your garments. Thus, when you buy apron Sydney, you can look for other alternatives. If you want an apron just to show off as a piece of stylish outfit, then go for it.

Cobbler Aprons-

During the medieval days, knights used to prefer this design. The front side has a rectangular design. There are closures at two sides for proper fitting. The neck hole makes it easy to wear the apron. Manufacturers use heavier materials to design the apron.

4-way aprons-

It is the waist apron, which has four layers. This apron is perfect for employees working in the hospitality sector. While buying cheap or unusual promotional gifts, you can choose these 4-way aprons for your staff. Chefs and other employees in your restaurant may also wear these cost-effective aprons.

Server aprons-

Server aprons do not cover the upper part of your body. The overall length is short, and your staff will feel comfortable to wear the server apron. This apron style includes side pockets to carry pens, notebooks, and straws.

It is the best apron design for waiters in the restaurant. For the chef apron custom embroidery, you can choose a different style. To keep the server apron in original condition, you have to clean it in cold water.

Chef Apron Custom Embroidery

Dishwasher aprons-

Your restaurant workers need to deal with the messy task of cleaning several dishes every day. Without aprons, their dresses can become wet and dirty. To prevent the buildups of stubborn dirt, you can invest in these dishwasher aprons. Dishwasher aprons are made of cut-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, and fire-resistant materials.

Find wide variety of aprons online at highly attractive rates and wholesale rates with complementary customization services. We can offer embroidery or screen-printing over the aprons with your business logo for your promotional needs. Choose any design of your choice and place an order now to get free doorstep delivery. Have a look at the preview of the personalized apron and then buy in bulk for great deals. Order now!

Author : Amit Ghia

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