Some Unique Shapes Of Glass Bottles You Must Know About

Jan 04, 2021 08:00

You are familiar with the use of glass jars and bottles for packaging and storage purposes. As glass is one of the eco-friendly materials, we use it for our everyday needs. Some of us use glass bottles for holding our drinking water and wine. There are variety of glass drink bottles to meet the varying needs of people and their tastes. They look descent and stylish with their bright and vibrant appearance. These days, even some companies also choose glass bottles as promotional items with logo. However, these bottles are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Although most of the companies invest in standard glass containers to pack their products, it is better to have a look at these uniquely designed bottles.

For personal gifting needs also, such bottles can be bought in bulk and presented to guests in parties and personal celebrations. Let’s have a look at some of the most designer bottles available in the market.

Victorian-style bottles

The name is royal and so the look. These square-shaped jars can accommodate much amount of content and widely used in kitchen storage cabinets. They are suitable to be kept outside and store colourful  items which are visible from outside. The elegant looking jars are best for storing your foods and cosmetic items. Lots of brands are choosing these glass bottles for packaging their products, as they get much space for clear labelling. Confectionaries, sweets, candies and sold in such bottles and the neck is tied with golden ribbon to make it look more royal.

Bottles looking like pineapple

You can find the use of these glass bottles to store perfumes. Covered in crystals, these bottles can attract everyone’s attention. However, they are very small, and that’s why only perfume brands can choose them. They look amazing and beautiful to be given as a gift. Many companies order such small size glass bottles in attractive shapes of fruits to pack their items like perfume, jellies, candies, sweet balls etc.

Diamond-shaped bottles

The long bottles with a special body looking like diamonds can attract your eyes. They glitter and shine in a very attractive manner. You may choose these bottles to hold your wine. Moreover, the sparkling look will add interest to wine lovers. So next time you plan for a return gift for your families, relative, or friends, order them in bulk and  get delivered to your doorstep for occasions like Christmas or new year. Pack them beautifully and please your guests.

Paragon jars

They are lean and tall bottles and we mostly use them for storing pickles, jam, and jelly. The regal shape of these jars makes us feel that they have a high volume and hold much amount of foods. They can add class to your kitchen crockery collection. Buy them in a set of 6 or 12 and change the look of your kitchen storage.

Lady-shaped bottles

Some glass water bottles Australia resemble the shape of a woman’s body. It is really interesting to find bottles that look like a human body. You can pour your wine and other drinks into these bottles. However, such bottles are mostly used as a decorative piece and kept in the shelves in the living room. The plain glass bottles of this shape are filled with own choice of colored water to change its look and appeal every time.

Glass bottles shaped like Maple leaves

When you are selling some healthcare liquor, you can choose these uniquely designed bottles. The mouth of these bottles can be narrow. However, the lower part is wide, as it takes the shape of a Maple leaf. These bottles can become centre of attraction in your room.

Letter-shaped bottles

Does your brand name start with B? Then, you can prefer custom glass bottles that include the letter B in their designs. It is one of the best ways of showing your brand name. When you are buying glass drinking water bottles Australia, you can choose one that resembles the shape of your brand’s first letter. It is one of the most innovative ways of branding. Organizations place advance order for letter-shaped bottles in bulk to the manufacturers for promotion of their brand.

Thus, we have introduced you to a range of glass drinking bottles used for different purposes. Although shapes and styles are important to attract users, you must also focus on the quality. The robust, unbreakable glass can give the best value to your investment. Companies, selling nail polish, perfume, wine, and other similar items, choose glass bottles for packages. With labelling and customisation, they transform the look of the bottles. Moreover, these glass bottles are available with diverse types of lids. Thus, you can search for some distinct shaped bottles with tight-fitting lids to secure the content.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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