Stainless Steel Water Bottles Versus Glass Water Bottles- Which Is Better?

May 06, 2021 08:00

Modern consumers have started making a shift from the plastic water bottles to the eco-friendly ones. This is highly important because this product is used on a wide scale and a sensible shift towards eco-friendly products can bring a significant change.In this regard, we must admit that drink bottles are not only used in home or office, but also during trips, outings, gym, school, college, libraries, and hundreds of other places as we need to remain hydrated always. While thinking of shifting to reusable water bottles, two common options that flash in the mind are stainless steel bottles and the glass bottles.

However, how do we decide on the water bottle materials? You can find different alternatives to plastic water bottles. Several companies also look for high-quality water bottles as the wholesale promotional items. Two most commonly chosen water bottle materials are- stainless steel and glass. Both stainless steel and glass water bottles are available in trendy designs. They are reusable and recyclable. Still how would you be sure as which one to choose? There are factors you need to focus on to buy one.

Bulk Stainless Steel Water Bottles


One of the major reasons to buy stainless steel water bottle is that it does not harm environment. The plastic manufacturing process needs a high amount of oil. Moreover, plastics do not undergo decomposition. On the contrary, both glass and stainless steel bottles are the smartest solutions to the problem. As glass is easily recyclable and reusable, it does not affect our environment.


Buy wholesale stainless steel water bottles for your customers, as they will last long. They are dent-free and scratch-resistant and are the best choice for the regular usage. A branded stainless steel drinking water bottle may last more than 10 to 12 years without any deterioration signs.

On the contrary, some consumers claim that glass is easily breakable. However, glass is of different types, and reliable manufacturers choose shatterproof glass for water bottles. The heat-resistant glass is also highly resilient and last for years without damage. Moreover, glass bottles do not have a risk of bacterial growth.

No risk to your health-

Plastics contain BPA, one of the industrial chemicals. Researchers have found that the contact of foods with BPA may cause health risks. That is why water bottle manufacturers design BPA-free products. You can buy stainless steel drinking water bottles without any concern about BPA. Moreover, these bottles will keep your water fresh for a longer period.

Similarly, glass bottles are free from chemicals and provide you with a safe container to store water. You will drink crisp, clear water from your glass bottles.

Special capabilities-

Both stainless steel and glass bottles do not retain flavours. You may use a bottle to hold coffee, water, and any other drink. Moreover, there are insulated stainless steel bottles to keep up temperature of a drink. Thus, you can enjoy iced water during your trip. However, glass bottles do not have insulated design, and it is one of the disadvantages. When you desire your drink of a favourable temperature, you may invest in the bulk stainless steel water bottles.

Ease of cleaning-

Both stainless steel and glass bottles are dishwasher-friendly. Thus, you will save effort while cleaning them. There is no risk of breakage when you wash the bottle. And remember, the this which are easy to use and clean are always preferred over others and used widely. That is why, such products are preferred as promotional items also. Since they will be used more, they would  give higher visibility to any brand logo printed on it.

Insulated version of stainless steel bottles-

Furthermore, the availability of steel bottles in the form of thermos flask offers wider scope of usage. From school kids to corporate employees, everyone prefers to carry a bottle that can keep the water or beverage warm or cool as needed. They are suitable for both the extreme weathers. If you are also planning to buy bulk stainless steel bottles for promotional needs, then you can consider going with insulated flasks if your budget permits.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Easy Customization-

Both the glass bottles and the steel bottles can be customized with printing or engraving methods. However, steel bottles allow easy customization. In corporate organizations, steel drink bottles are chosen as a promotional item during various corporate or business events as they can be easily custom-printed with your business logo.

You can find several similarities between glass and stainless steel water bottles. Still, to get a lightweight model, you may choose stainless steel bottles. However, your choice should also depend on the type of recipient. If your users are adults, then you can easily choose a glass bottle. If your users are school kids then prefer going with steel water bottles.

Find wide variety of wholesale promotional items and stainless steel bottles and order them in bulk to get discount on your order.

Author : Amit Ghia

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