Straw Hats: How They Can Add To Your Accessory Collection

Aug 05, 2021 08:00

Hats have been a popular addition to the fashion closet for decades and are known to instantly amp up the style statement. Not only for men and women, these days, the hats are equally preferred by kids to showcase their style statement in their unique ways. Thankfully, there are numerous types of hats that match the taste and budget of all the varying types of byers in the market. These minimal fashion clothing doesn’t take much space in your wardrobe and can be styled in numerous ways. One such kind of hat is a straw hat which is a brimmed hat made from straw or straw-like materials derived from various plants, as well as synthetic materials. They are available in different sizes, designs, and colors to offer you plenty of options and ways of styling. In this article, we will be talking about how straw hats Australia can transform your fashion styling instantly.

 Straw Hats Wholesale Australia

The hats are available with different names. Knowing the details of them can help you select any based on your specific need. When you know each type of hat with its name, look, and function, you can look for online sale on hats or any discount offers to place the order right on time and make some smart savings. So, here are a few popular types and their style significance.

Beach Hats

Wide brim straw hats are designed for beachwear and as the name suggests, features a wide brim. These are extremely chic and exhibit boho charm when worn with flowy dresses, shorts, or sarongs. They provide excellent protection from the sun and prevent harmful rays of the sun to affect your head and face. Apart from the beach, these hats can be worn in the city as well if chosen in neutral colors. Choosing neutral straw hat colors opens various styling options and can seamlessly work with a variety of outfits. You can buy small-size straw hats in bulk for the kids while going to any beach party in group or in family gathering. For kids they come in different colors along with some embellishments. You are sure to pick any of them because they look really great.

Classic Panama

Panama hats have been a classic for many years now and these types of straw hats can be styled in various ways. They can be paired with casuals or a dress for comfortable yet casual styling. Pair it with comfy t-shirt and trousers for a perfect on-the-road look. These can also be worn at events like wine tasting or grub fests that have outdoor settings and require casual attire.If you are a business and looking for cheap promotional gifts for your clients, then you might consider straw hats as they are usable by the masses and fits in the budget as well. Choose a neutral color and it will work wonders for you. Especially if you are organizing any outdoor event, get the hats customized and offer to your participants or visitors to gain the goodwill.

Colorful Straw Hats

Various colored straw hats have been popular in the last few years to make a statement look. Straw hats wholesale Australia come in various fashionable colors like deep red, hunter green, olive, royal blue, etc. These are perfect when you want to ditch heavy jewelry and make a subtle style statement. Choose a contrast color as per your outfit and you are ready to go in style. They can be worn while walking in the countryside or in the pavements in the city.

Straw Hats Australia

Boater Straw hat

These types of straw hats were traditionally worn by men, however lately many style icons have been seen sporting them with a variety of outfits. These can be worn with sundresses glamorously on any day of the week. These have smaller brims and can be worn when heading for boating, shopping, etc. People order such straw hats in bulk when they have to organize any fun activity and engage people in fun with a gift.

Over sized Hats

Though this is not for mass audiences, however, they are a must-have for any fashion lover out there. These are extremely huge and look super glamorous when worn on the beach. These have been styled by various style icons, celebrities, and fashion models in recent years and have been quite popular for eye-catchy designs. They come slightly higher on the pricing side but the quality and look of the hat justifies the cost. 

We hope that the above list has prepared you to get yourself a piece of a straw hat as well. If you pay attention to the above-mentioned points, you might be able to pick a versatile straw hat for yourself.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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