Stylish Women Are Using Backpacks Instead Of Purses: Know Why

Nov 09, 2020 08:00

Does every woman like to carry a purse during long and short trips? The fashion world is undergoing transformation every year, and style-conscious women like to give a twist to their styles. Bags form an important aspect of their looks and style statement, hence considering about the bags is a must when we talk about women fashion. A few years ago, we were familiar with the scene where women used to hold a purse in their hands on every occasion. However, nowadays, we find women giving high preference to backpacks. With classic and functional designs, backpacks have become the first choice for lots of women. That is why some companies also choose backpacks as their personalised corporate gifts. They are sure that the product will be used by women, ladies, or girls of any age.

Surely, women’s backpacks look slightly different from that of men. Still, these backpacks are preferred more than any other type of standard purses.

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What is changing the trend?

The choice for glossy, glittering purses has faded away recently with women looking for utility-based bags. They are more limited to parties, festivals and other special occasion. At other times, the preference of women is to have bags that easy to hang and carry. They should sling on the sides or around the waist without causing any problem in commute. The backpacks are one such options which hang on the back and allows complete freedom to use hands for any task, photography, trekking, or shopping. So far style is concerned, there are leather backpacks, canvas, nylon, as well as cotton backpacks. You just need to choose anyone of them based on your personal choice. Businesses and corporate organizations can buy backpacks in bulk and get them custom-printed with brand logo. They can be distributed in any corporate event to the employees, visitors, participants, or special guests.

For personal requirement as well, individuals can order custom backpacks and get any text printed on them as per the occasion on which it will be used.

Few of the other reasons, which make backpacks a popular pick among young generation are listed below:

Backpacks make you look more professional-

Female entrepreneurs and other working women like to carry spacious bags that can hold their notebooks, water bottles, laptops, cosmetics, and other items. However, a purse does not have much space to accommodate these things. Thus, for a busy lifestyle, these backpacks can be a perfect choice.

Moreover, two straps of backpacks ensure proper distribution of weight. You will not feel much weight while carrying the bag on your two shoulders.

Backpacks help with hands-free movement-

During your daily trips to office, you may need to move through some crowded public space. When it is a purse, you need to suspend it from one of your shoulders. You may feel unbalanced and like to readjust it frequently. Conversely, backpacks enables you to carry your load comfortably and eliminate back strain. What’s more, these bags secure your items, as most of them have dual-zippered system to lock the compartment. Thus, daily commuters will get more values from perfectly designed backpacks.

Moms find backpacks more versatile-

Moms with their kids may need to push the stroller while they are on the way. That is why they prefer these backpacks to store their babies’ diapers, snacks, clothes, and other items. Backpacks help them to organise these small items and make them easily accessible. It is one of the reasons for replacing purse with modern backpacks Australia.

Convenience with style:

School goers and college girls, even in parties, prefer to go out with backpacks which look more stylish. There are very small sizes as well which accommodate only your important things that usually are kept inside a purse. These days, the backpacks are serving the same purpose.  

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Types of backpacks for women-

  • Leather backpacks-

You can find a highly refined look with these premium leather backpacks. With a safe locking system, you may protect your personal stuff with these backpacks.

  • Drawstring backpacks-

There are eco-friendly canvas backpacks with a simple drawstring. You can use a drawstring backpack while going to a gym class, library, and college.

  • Big laptop backpack-

Regular office goers prefer a spacious laptop backpack that has a number of compartments. They can store their essentials in each of these compartments.

  • Overnight backpacks-

Although they look like regular backpacks, they have additional pockets and slots. Moreover, they are slightly bigger in size. 

Now, you may decide on buying the best quality backpacks that adds a level of elegance to your look. You can order a personalised backpack bulk package to get these products at a lower price. Print your business name on the bag to have a customised design.

Checkout some of the coolest designs of backpacks with all the products details. The wholesale price gives you the same rate as that of online sale on backpacks. Pick your design and get the best deals on bulk orders.

Author : Amit Ghia

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