Sweatshirts Versus Hoodies- Which One Should You Choose?

Jul 25, 2022 08:00

Have you started adding new winter clothes to your wardrobe to show your style on the colder days? The most commonly chosen winter wear for men and women and sweatshirts and hoodies. They not only look stylish, but also are great in saving you from the winter chills. Promotion companies sell both of them, and you can choose any one of them for your corporate events. The manufacturers or suppliers of sweatshirts can also help you with printing and customization. 

While selecting anyone of them, you must know which one you should go for. Which one should you choose for your purpose? Many people don’t event understand the difference between them and use the terms interchangeably. Hoodies versus sweatshirts. Both can keep you warm on the chilly days. They are highly popular among teenagers who love fashion and a cosy feeling with their winter outfits. Still, you have to focus on some factors to make your decision. 

 Promotional Hoodies

Defining the sweatshirt-

With a pair of long sleeves, sweatshirts cover up your arms and upper body. The warm winter garment gives you a sporty and elegant look. You can couple up your sweatshirt with a few other outfits. For instance, you may wear your sweatshirt with a shirt or t-shirt beneath it. There are no zippers, hooks, or buttons with a sweatshirt. 

Materials used for sweatshirts-

Sweatshirts are usually made of cotton, synthetic materials, and wool. Originally, they were intended as sportswear. Thus, sportsmen used to pair them with track pants and sweatpants. The garment absorbs sweat and offers free body movement. That is why they are highly preferable to athletes. But, today, almost any men and women like to wear sweatshirts in the winter months.

Classic sweatshirts are mostly designed with soft cotton and have a fleece-like interior. However, modern sweatshirts are lightweight, and they look like t-shirts. You can wear them in the late spring days. Some of them have moisture-wicking technology that makes you feel better.

Defining the hoodie-

A hoodie is a hooded variation of sweatshirts. The hood is attached with cords, which helps in tightening the hood. Although this pullover looks like a sweatshirt, it includes zippers, hooks, and buttons. Some hoodies are available with kangaroo pockets that can hold small items.

The best ones have a double-layer hood to provide the desired warmth. Double-needle construction adds durability to the hood. Furthermore, the presence of stretch side panels ensures smooth movement. 

History and origin of hoodies-

The concept of the hood originated from the outfit of medieval priests and monks. It is a popular choice for those associated with Goths and skateboarders. The hoodie protects you from environmental elements. But, originally, it was intended to reflect an image of suspicion, mystery, and anonymity. 

A hoodie is the best wardrobe clothing introduced in the market during the early 1930s. Champion’s sportswear label created the first hoodies for labourers and athletes who need optimal protection from weather elements. 

Later, sports teams in the college started looking for warmer outfits for winter. That is why these hoodies became popular among young users in the 1960s. 

Then, in the 1970s, graffiti artists, break-dancers, and other professionals started wearing hoodies. Nowadays, hoodies have become a part of fashion for men. So, you can buy custom printed hoodies to transform your style. 

Want to know more about hoodies?

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Fabrics used for hoodies-

In terms of materials, there is no difference between hoodies and sweatshirts. The soft hoodies give you comfort and warmth on colder days. The hood provides additional protection to your head and ear. So, you may invest in promotional hoodies as the best Christmas gifts for your employees. 

What to wear on the windy days in the winter months-

Both sweatshirts and hoodies let you create distinctive styles. With a closed waistband and heavy fabrics, they ensure heat insulation. However, as the hoodie has the hood, it is a better choice on windy days. There is no need to put on a beanie cap for ear and head protection. Moreover, you will also feel warm in the neck part.

Printed Hoodies

What should you wear on formal occasions?

Available in dark blue, grey, black, and other shades, a sweatshirt is a perfect choice for attending a formal party. You may also put on a shirt underneath. But, for other informal occasions, you can wear your colourful and printed hoodies. However, you should not pair a hoodie with a collared shirt. 

The hoodie combines perfectly with leather jackets and jeans. A well-fitted t-shirt is also a perfect match with the hoodie.

You can wear sweatshirts in different situations-

  • Working in the garden and other outdoor sites on cooler days
  • Hiking on the trails
  • Walking the dog
  • Doing physical workouts
  • Attending the gym class and local sporting event
  • Doing household works
  • Sitting near a campfire 
  • Buy printed sweatshirts from the best store and create your fashion statement. 

Make your choice between sweatshirts and hoodies-

You can rely on your preferences to pick the right one. Both sweatshirts and hoodies are made from heavy fabrics and are easy to care. You will feel comfortable throughout the year. The hood of the hoodie is detachable, and thus, you can wear it in any way.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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